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Useful tips from experienced tourists will help to organize an exciting independent trip to Phuket.

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The large lake Cheow Lan is amazing place near Rachaphrapha Dam in Phang Nga.
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Do you know which of the Thai wonders rises the biggest number of myths (which is unbelievably unfair!)? Thai massage!
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Are you ready to try Thai cuisine? ) We are sure that after you try some national dishes, you will fall in love with the fragrance of lemongrass and cardamom, taste of coconut milk and shades of chili pepper!

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Thailand is an exotic country. Here we will tell you curious facts about Thai people.

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We'll tell you about the beautiful beaches in Phuket.

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When you walk along Thepkasattri Road and see a monument at the intersection of the two roads, pay attention to it and remember a story that we are going to tell you.

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Being a basis of Thai people’ life, Buddhism explains the big number of temples in Phuket. Among them there are simple and majestic building.

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An independent journey to Phuket has a number of advantages. However, you should be ready to react to unexpected events. If you travel by yourself, it is unlikely that you will have a completely relaxed beach holiday.

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What is the weather in the summer in Phuket? What awaits us in Phuket in the low season and what to do?

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In this article we will recommend which coffee and tea is the best in Phuket and where to buy it.

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Fans of thrills and adult programs must definitely visit this show.

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3D Museum of Optical Illusions, Museum of sea shells, The National Talang Museum, Museum of Mining, Tai Hua Museum, Phuket Rajabhat Cultural Center, Chinpracha Museum, Museum of Philately.
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A waterfall is an ideal place to hide from the day heat and city bustle.
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For example, a trip from the hotel to the beach or in the opposite direction will cost you about 300-400 baht, and to drive a couple of kilometers inside the city will cost 150-200 baht.
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Those tourists who spend their first vacation in Phuket should not forget that Thailand is an exotic country with its own customs and laws which every guest of the Kingdom must observe.
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The most popular and convenient way to get to the island from Russia is flying a direct flight.
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In this article we will tell you about coastlines where the sea is calm all year round.

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Souvenirs worth getting in Phuket.

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The weather conditions in Phuket are determined by the tropical climate.

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