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The cheapest places to eat out in Phuket


The cheapest places to eat out in Phuket

Everyone who has ever been to Phuket had noticed that the island is rich in sights, entertainments and gastronomic experience. Food in Thailand is striking in its diversity, including traditional cuisine and popular dishes. To visit the island and not enjoy local delicacies will be a crime because only here incompatible ingredients can give the dish an amazing taste, especially in combination with the freshest seafood.

Prices for food on the island are also very different and the cost of one dish can vary from 50 to 1000 baht. In our article we will tell you how to choose a place where you can eat delicious and inexpensive food.

Inexpensive street food

There are a lot of street tents and trailers in Phuket, where you can buy cheap but very tasty food. One of these options will be mini-cafes on wheels in the form of a trailer for a motorbike, a small car or a bicycle. Such trailers stop in crowded places near major shops, sights, markets and are popular with locals due to their low prices. The choice of dishes includes snacks, salads, soups and even fried insects, costing between 50-100 baht per a serving.

Another way to eat inexpensive but varied meals is to go to the night market. There are several night markets in Phuket which are open after sunset. Here you will find a lot of seafood, fruits and vegetables. There are also many tents where you can ask to cook your food or try the already cooked dishes of Thai and other national cuisines at the lowest prices.

Inexpensive food courts and buffets

A good variant for a budget meal is to visit any of the many food courts. Food courts are special zones for cafes with self-service which are located in shopping centers. A large assortment and low prices attract many tourists and local residents. Lunch in a food court per person will cost about 200-300 baht.

You can eat delicious food in the buffets of Phuket. The rules are very simple: you pay a fixed price for the entrance and eat anything in unlimited quantities. It's a great way to try many different unfamiliar dishes and discover the exotic taste of Thai cuisine. You will not be hungry for sure after visiting the buffet.

Nice cafes and restaurants

There are also places where you can eat cheaply among cafes and restaurants even in tourist areas near the beaches of Patong, Kata and Karon. The most expensive restaurants are located on the seaside and the prices for a dish start here from 200 baht. If you walk a little farther from the seashore, you will find nice cafes with more affordable prices. There are a lot of local people in such cafes because despite the lower price the food is very tasty. So if you find a cafe or restaurant where most visitors are the Thais, you can confidently ask for the menu and make an order.

Dishes that are definitely worth trying

After finding a place with low prices you can easily get confused while ordering food because Thai cuisine is very exotic. Here is the list of the most popular national dishes which you will definitely like: seafood with various sauces, rice with additives (vegetables, mushrooms, pineapple, meat, seafood) Tom Sam salad, Tom Yam soup and spring rolls.

Having tasted these dishes, you will forever fall in love with Thai cuisine and discover new taste sensations. Bon Appetit!

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