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Amorn Pearl Jewelry Store in Phuket (Free Transfer)

Phuket, Thailand
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The glamour of immortality

Lustre – Shape – Selection

Phuket Pearl Co., Ltd (Amorn brand) was founded in 1976. The shopping center offers a great variety of pearl jewelries - bracelets and beads, rings and earrings, pendants, silver and gold jewelries with pearls. All the pieces of jewelry are certified and undergo quality insurance control. Amorn has been on the market for 40 years. The government of the Thai Kingdom has granted many prizes to the company. Amorn pearls decorate Miss World’s crowns and can be found in many private collections all over the world. Phuket Pearl was the first to culture pearls in the south provinces and in Phuket.

Free transfer

Free transfer is available for those who purchase of 5 000 THB and more.

Pearl Farm

The pearls are cultured 1 km off the coastline of Sapam Bay which is situated to the east of Thailand. The climate and water conditions are perfect here. Daily tides facilitate to the growth of plankton and provision of nutritive materials for oysters.

You can book a very exciting and educational tour to the Pearl Farm. The price of the tour is 1800 THB per 1 person. Children under 6 years old are admitted free of charge. The tour to the Pearl Farm includes a return transfer, boat trip, drinks, service of English-speaking guide. You can find more information and book the tour here.

Some words about the sorts of pearls

Mabe pearls have an oval form. They grow on the inside surface of a valve. They are also called blister pearls or “blue pearls”. The mollusc which produces this kind of pearl is called Pteria Penquin which is translated as “golden oyster’s wing”. When an oyster reaches 13 cm in diameter, one or two hemispheres are implanted into the mantle of the mollusc. After the implantation 10-15 pearls are attached to the pearl-shell in one row through special holes. Then the pearls are cultured in the farm up to 14 months.

Akoya pearls are 2-9 mm in diameter. Oysters are collected when they reach 5-10 cm in diameter. Molluscs which produce this kind of pearls are called Pinctada fucada or Vulgaris. A bead is surgically implanted into the gonads of the mantle conjunctive tissues which serve as a “pearl bag”. After the procedure molluscs are controlled to be sure that the implantation went alright. The pearls of this kind are cultured for 8-24 months.

South Sea Pearls are the biggest of all the kinds of cultured pearls. They are known for their beautiful satin lustre and warm colors. A pearl has a size from 9 to 20 mm. Pinctada Maxima oyster which is used for the production of the pearls can reach 30 cm in diameter which allows to implant larger beads. Pearl shells are usually harvested after 2 years. In the farm oyster shells of different colors are cultured to get pearls of white, silver, pink, gold, cream color and any combination of these basic colors.

Amorn Pearls criteria of high quality


Amorn pearls have got deep and intensive lustre. You should view the pearls on the bright well-lit surface. The higher the quality of the pearl, the more the contrast between the brightest and dullest spot. Beside a play of colors you can also see a shine which comes from the inside.


It is normal for natural pearls to have some natural imperfections. Amorn has a strict control over the quality of the pearls’ surface. Natural defects should be limited to 30%, for necklaces this number should be not more than 10%.


The price of the pearl depends directly on its shape. Pearls of a round shape are of the highest price. Semi-round, oval and button pearls are less valuable.


Natural pearls usually have different colors and shades. Classical colors of pearls are white, gold and black.


Carefully arranged composition is the most important characteristic when choosing pearls to form a complete piece of jewelry. Maximum difference in pearl size is only 0.3 mm.

Double lock system

Amorn ensures a reliable locking system which has been tested successfully and simplifies the after-sales service. A hole is made in the pearl, a screw is set in the ring and then a joint-pin is attached in the hole. This way the ring and the pearl are strongly connected.

Watch a video about Amorn pearl jewelry store

The pride of the company

Crown for Miss Singapore World 2012

Amorn created a unique crown for Miss Singapore World in 2012. The best designers worked on this masterpiece according to the ISO. In the concept of this piece of jewelry lies a mythic creature with the head of a line and the body of a fish. Now the crown is the national talisman of Singapore.

Crown for Miss Thailand World 2013

Phuket Pearl Group designed and created the crown for Miss Thailand 2013. The jewelry is decorated with a selection of pearls with total price of 1 million THB.

Crown for Miss Switzerland World 2013-2014

Amorn jewellers used premium quality pearls to create this wonderful masterpiece which symbolizes the flag of Switzerland. The design combines the beauty of the East and the elegance of the West.

Crown for Miss Thailand World 2014

The concept of the crown is the idea of the Seven seas which was expressed in seven basic parts of the crown topped with marvellous pearls. The central element is a deep-blue Mabe pearl with a gentle light blue tint.

Location of Amorn Pearl Jewelry Store on the map

Amorn Pearl Jewelry Store opening hours

The store is open: 09:00-17:00

Free shuttle service is available: 09:00-16:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the transfer really free?

Yes, Phuket Pearl Co., Ltd. provides a free transfer with the help of from any place in Phuket if you will make purchases for 5000 THB amount or more.

Which currency can I pay? Is it possible to pay by credit card?

You can pay any currency, by cash, Visa or MasterCard. Commission fee for cashless payments is not charged.

Otilia Chávez   (15.02.2024 20:29)
I want to
See the pearl necklaces, but I can’t assure if I will buy or not can I still book the free transfer from Patong area?

Support_Online-Phuket   (20.02.2024 01:13)
Hello, yes, we can book a free transfer, but if you will not buy anything, you should come back to your hotel by yourself.

Yasar Mehmood   (03.10.2023 01:39)
We got some pearls last month. We want some more in Pakistan. Can these be delivered?

Support_Online-Phuket   (03.10.2023 15:04)
Hello, yes, if you know exactly what kind of the deal do you want

Rae Harker   (29.07.2023 14:44)
The tour was amazing! Diego was very informative and patient with us.
Super cool process and information shared.
Highly recommended

Colin K   (23.03.2023 18:21)
You have a serious problem with one of your sales staff. Never shuts up, does not listen and she is so pushy, that I left purchasing nothing. It's a shame as the products were excellent and all other staff were friendly and excellent. Please get rid, and if not get somebody to dress her properly and teach her to listen to the customer

Support_Online-Phuket   (23.03.2023 18:35)
Hello, Colin, thank you for your review, could you please say booking number if you booked the trip with us

Support_Online-Phuket   (11.03.2023 00:34)
Hello, we can provide only free transfer service to the shop from hotels in Phuket

Monica   (02.08.2018 11:32)
Good morning , so i'm coming to visit there for my second time . Can't wait , i also wanna buy other two pearls bracelets that unfortunatelly i have lost here at home in italy... and i wanna get some pearls for my mother. I already reserved my free pick up on 11th of august . About 2 pm . Do you confirm ? Many thanks and best regards

Anastasiya_Online-Phuket   (02.08.2018 15:46)
Dear Monica, please make a reservation for a free transfer on this page throuth the booking form or contact us:

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