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Medicine in Thailand


Medicine in Thailand

Thailand is not only one of the most popular resorts in Asia, it is also one of the major centers of medical tourism. High-quality medicine in Phuket is one of the main reasons to visit the island, besides the beautiful nature and clean beaches. Thousands of people come to Phuket or other Thai resorts to improve their health. Perhaps many travelers associate medicine in Thailand with herbal medicine, shamans and Thai massage, but in fact local medical institutions are included in the list of the best clinics in the world.

The benefits of medicine in Thailand

All clinics in Thailand undergo strict international accreditation, which means the high qualifications of the staff: from doctors to nurses. Most of the local doctors after completing their higher education did internships in the best European clinics.

Large medical centers are provided with the most modern equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of all possible diseases.

All hospitals are located in new buildings, their structure insures the comfort and needs of patients and staff. The interior of the wards and halls looks like a good hotel rather than a clinic. Here the patient feels like he is on vacation, not like in a hospital.

Thai medical centers offer a wide range of services, from consultations to the most complex operations, including plastic surgery. Stunning results and tens of satisfied patients speak for themselves.

Cost of medical services

Experienced travelers advice to buy medical insurance before taking the trip to Thailand. Medicine for foreigners is paid and a visit to a doctor without insurance will be quite expensive.

If we talk about targeted treatment in Thailand, then in comparison with such countries as Germany or the United States, treatment here will cost about 8 times cheaper and the quality of services will be the same. That is why many Europeans come here to improve their health. In every large medical center, the staff speaks Thai and English, you can also use the services of an interpreter.

Thai medical centers are equipped with everything necessary, not only for treatment, but also for the rehabilitation period. Patient health and comfort is the main priority of Thai specialists.

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