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What is the best time for visiting Phuket?


What is the best time for visiting Phuket?

Phuket is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Thailand, which is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world every year. White sandy beaches, clear and warm sea water, beautiful landscapes and developed infrastructure are the main advantages of this resort. Although it is summer all year round in Phuket, there are high and low seasons of tourist activity.

Rain and Dry Seasons

As Thailand is located in the tropical climate zone, summer is here all year round. But 6 months a year (from May to October) there are tropical rain showers and monsoons blowing from the sea. This period is called the rainy season. The temperature of water and air is still high, but the humidity of the air increases significantly and the sea becomes stormy.

The tourist season in Phuket starts in November and lasts until May. During this period, the rainy season ends and the dry season begins. Humidity is normal, the water in the sea becomes calm and clean, every day is sunny and there is no rain. Many tourists come to Phuket to spend the winter, stay here for 3 months and wait till the end of cold and frosty weather in their homeland.

The advantages of high and low seasons

Of course, deciding when to go to Phuket, everyone should consider his own preferences. If a comfortable beach holiday is important for you, it is better to visit Phuket in the dry season. The calm sea during this period creates ideal conditions for diving.

Those whose budget is limited can easily go to Phuket in the low season. During this period, the number of tourists reduces and prices become lower (sometimes by 40%). The weather and rains during this period are quite unpredictable: it can be raining the whole day or just once or twice a day. There are a lot of places in Phuket where you can enjoy a beach holiday even during the rainy season (Nai Yang Beach, Kata Beach, Cape Panwa). Rainy season is an ideal opportunity for fans of surfing to ride the high waves of the Andaman Sea. The highest waves (2-3 meters high) are usually in the summer and early autumn.

Whenever you decide to visit Phuket, you will find what to do here anyway. There are a lot of entertainments on the island, both outside and inside (in case of rain). The island is also famous for its bright festivals and holidays, which are celebrated all year round.

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