Car rent in Phuket


Car rent in Phuket

There are a lot of beautiful and interesting places in Phuket, which you should definitely visit during your vacation. It is better to rent a car to travel around the resort and see as much as possible. Furthermore, car rent in Phuket is quite affordable and does not require much effort. However, if you don’t have an experience of renting a car, you should pay attention to some questions.

Car rent companies

There are a lot of companies that provide car rental services on the island. They can be divided into three groups: local small companies, international firms and special booking services.

Renting a car in local companies is more profitable if you plan to rent a car for a long time. It will be possible to bargain for a lower price and the company usually takes a small deposit in cash. But you should be very attentive while renting a car at local firms. It is better to choose a company with a good reputation, which has been working for many years.

Of course, the risks of renting a car in an international company (for example, Hertz, Budget, Avis, Sixt) are much lower. Each company has its own pricing policy, but insurance is always included in the price. It is more profitable to rent a car for a short time (daily) in such firms. The cost of rental will be the same as at the local companies, but the terms of the contract will be much better. The advantage of international companies is that their offices are located at Phuket airport and you can rent a car just upon arrival.

For those travelers who are planning their vacation in advance, it will be better to use a booking service. These are special websites where you can book a car with needed characteristics: date of lease, kind of car, etc. After you fill in the required characteristics, the service will select for you available variants from different companies. The search results will be presented in a convenient table, so you can easily compare the offers of different companies and choose the most appropriate one. Having made your choice, you just have to click the "Book Now" button and enter your personal data. Your car will be waiting for you at the indicated place in Phuket.

Rent price

If you book a car in advance, the cost of rental will be much cheaper. In any case you can cancel your reservation within 48 hours absolutely free.

It is cheaper to rent a car for 6-7 days or more. The cost of renting a car per day in 2018 starts from 990 baht. If the rental period is longer than a week, the price starts from 740 baht per day. If you rent a car for a month or more, you will have to pay 630 baht per day. Prices for car rental can vary in different companies, you can always find the actual price at the online booking service. If you need transport only for a couple of days, it's easier to take a taxi.

Important facts about car rent

When renting a car you should pay attention to several important aspects.

• Always read the rental agreement carefully. Each point should be clear to you. If you have questions, ask for clarification.

• Inspection of a car. When renting a car, you will get an inspection sheet, where all damages of the car are indicated. Carefully study its contents and check that all damages are included there. It will be better not only to record, but also to photograph each scratch, so that to avoid problems when returning the car.

• The deposit. Leaving a deposit is quite normal practice, each company asks for different sums. Small firms take a deposit in cash, large companies can freeze a certain sum on your bank card.

• The size of a franchise. You should find out the conditions of insurance and franchise. If the franchise sum is zero, in case of damage of the car, all costs will be covered by the insurance company. Such conditions are the most attractive for the client, but the price will be higher for $ 10-20 dollars per week. If the franchise sum is for example 7,000 baht, the insurance company will cover expenses if the sum of damage is bigger than the franchise sum. If the repair of the car costs 5,000 baht, you will have to pay for it. So the smaller franchise sum means the more favorable conditions for the client.

• If you plan to rent a car in Phuket, be sure to get a driver's license of international standard. This is one of the required documents when renting and the traffic police will regularly ask for it. You will also need a passport and a registered bank card for rental. Some companies may have additional requirements for the driver: for example, age, driving experience, etc.

• If you plan to travel by car outside the island, be sure to settle this issue with the rental company.

As you can see, car rent in Phuket is quite easy, the main thing is not to miss some important points. Do not worry, if you do not have the driver's license, you can always order a transfer by filling in the booking form at our website. Take care of yourselves and be careful on the roads!

Alan   (30.04.2020 10:35)
We did not rent cars, we booked a taxi with you) and you drove us where we needed at any time. Thank.

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