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Your photographer in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand
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Silver - Photo Session 1

 Photographer Phuket Thailand - hotel, beach

Time: 1 hour.

Location: hotel, beach.

Photo: over 80 photos with Lightroom edition, 15 photos with Photoshop edition.

Price: 4500 THB. Transfer is not included.

Gold - Photo Session 2

Photographer Phuket Thailand - hotel, beach, viewpoint

Time: 2 hours.

Location: hotel, beach, viewpoint.

Photo: over 150 photos with Lightroom edition, 20 photos with Photoshop edition. As a result, you will get high-quality photos edited by a professional photographer in Phuket.

Price: 5500 THB. Transfer is included.

Platinum - Photo Session 3

Photographer Phuket - an exotic island

Time: 3 hours.

Location: a beach in an exotic island.

Photo: over 200 photos with Lightroom edition, 30 photos with Photoshop edition.

Price: 10000 THB. Transfer by car and by boat is included.

Wedding Ceremony in European style - Photo Session 4

Photography for Weddings in European style

Time: 2 hours

Location: beach.

Photo: over 150 photos, 20 photos with Lightroom and Photoshop edition.

What is included: European wedding ceremony with a beautiful arch at the beach, English-speaking personnel, English-speaking master of ceremonies, a “souvenir” marriage certificate, sand ceremony, water ceremony, Thai ceremony with bracelets, launch of a sky lantern, champagne, fruits and refreshments.

Price: 25000 THB. Transfer is included.

Wedding ceremony in Thai style - Photo Session 5

Photography for Weddings in Thai style

Time: 2 hours.

Location: Buddhist temple.

Photo: over 300 photos, 30 photos with Lightroom and Photoshop edition.

What is included: tour of the temple, English-speaking personnel, a ceremony in the temple, donation to the monks, Thai traditional wedding ceremonies, decorations and bracelets for the bride and the groom, bride’s bouquet, a “souvenir” wedding certificate, champagne and refreshments.

Price: 21000 THB. Transfer is included.

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