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Phuket Photography Tours and Wedding Ceremonies

Phuket, Thailand
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Prices for Phuket Photography Tours and Wedding Ceremonies in Phuket

Description of programs

photo session and wedding ceremonies in Phuket

Your dream story will be realized by a photographer in Phuket

It is easy to fulfill your dream and have an exotic photo session in Phuket! A wide choice of finest offers is presented at this page. Professional photographers will choose a look for you which will accentuate your own style, Enjoy your paradise photo shooting at the paradise island!

We offer photo sessions at a quiet beach, at the romantic island of Koh Bon, in a hotel, in a Buddhist temple, at a viewpoint and also photos with elephants. Wedding ceremonies in Thai or European style are also available. Book a photographer in Phuket and fulfill all your ideas!

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your booking for free, not less than 72 hours before the beginning of the event.

Scott Brady   (03.08.2023 22:33)
Hi, looking at a family photoshoot within the next week... 2 adults and 2 kids (age 2 and 1), and 2 grandparents for a few shots. Staying in Kata Beach... are you available and what would you recommend? Thinking just a couple of hours, and 1, maybe 2 locations, but open to recommendations

Support_Online-Phuket   (04.08.2023 16:31)
Hello, yes, it is available, please fill the form at this page for the booking.

Fadéla   (28.11.2022 05:22)
Hello i want please shooting photos flying dress . I can have a price please

Online-Phuket   (20.12.2022 15:18)
Hello. You can see the prices on this page

Steven Ong   (19.07.2020 13:15)
Hi, we need a photographer and a videographer for a birthday event between 5-9pm on 13th August. Please do let me know your pricing I.e. for whole event and 2 hours. Thank you

Support_Online-Phuket   (20.07.2020 13:04)
Hello, Steven, can you write please more details, how many people will be, where is the location, etc. We will write you require by email.

Tanya Ogwang   (09.10.2019 21:51)
Hello looking for a photographer for Sunday couples vacation shoot.

what are your prices

Support_Online-Phuket   (09.10.2019 21:57)
Hello, Tanya, you can see all rates at this page, the price starts from 1900 THB.

Raj   (20.08.2019 22:15)
Hi, we would like to enquire about couple photoshoot

Matthew_Online-Phuket   (21.08.2019 05:59)
Dear Raj, please contact us by any option suitable for you by the link below for details:

Rajendra Kumar   (14.07.2019 12:39)
We have conference in a hotel in Patong area (Phuket) on 26-27 July 2019. We need a photographer for photography. Please share your best rates on hour basis and day basis.

Support_Online-Phuket   (14.07.2019 14:26)
Dear Rajendra, to calculate the price we have to know more details about your order, please contact us by email or another way

Alison   (03.07.2019 22:32)
Hi! Would the photographer be willing to do hally hour package somewhere else?

Support_Online-Phuket   (03.07.2019 23:08)
Hello, dear Alison, yes, the photographer can do anywhere. To discuss details please contact us by email or in any messenger, or fill the form at this page.

Maria   (23.06.2019 09:22)
Hi ! I would like to do a photo session with elephant on the beach but before pay I need to know if you guys have availability before Wednesday, I’m leaving that day , thank yo I very much

Support_Online-Phuket   (23.06.2019 11:06)
Hello, yes, you can book for tomorrow or aftertomorrow.

eklavye   (06.06.2019 20:53)
i want couple photoshoot in phuket..

Support_Online-Phuket   (06.06.2019 22:00)
Hello, sure, we can offer to you different programs, please fill theform at this page or contact us

Nana   (12.07.2018 13:10)
We had amazing day with the best photograper in Phuket, thank you for your service.

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