Zorbing at rollerball in Phuket


Zorbing at rollerball in Phuket

Thailand is an ideal place for lovers of extreme and new emotions. There are plenty of options to get an adrenaline rush: diving, snorkeling, climbing, surfing, rope parks, parachuting and many others. Extreme activities give a lot of exciting impressions, which are useful for health. If you want to try some extreme entertainments for the first time it is better to start with something safe, for example, zorbing. Globe-riding is very popular among tourists in Phuket. In our article we will tell about zorbing on the island and where you can try it.

What is zorbing?

Zorbing means hill rolling inside a huge ball called zorb. A zorb is huge double-sectioned ball, with one ball inside the other with an air layer between, which are connected by numerous small nylon strings.

The inner ball is soft and completely safe, and the outer ball protects against hitting. So a person rolls in a ball like a squirrel in a wheel and overcomes various distances and obstacles.

Although such entertainment has become popular only in recent years, the first Zorb was designed by a French engineer in 1973. At that time, the design of the ball was simpler, but the idea was the same. The engineer even rolled off a waterfall and the slopes of the mountains in his own ball. However, rolling in the ball at that time no one liked it. Later several inventors in different countries created their own version of the ball, but none of them became popular. And only a few years ago,a New Zealand company recalled this invention and created its Buzzball, using torn plastic materials and polycarbonate elements.

Where can you try zorbing in Phuket?

Everyone who spends his vacation on this beautiful island has a great opportunity to roll down the slope inside the ball at the Zorbing Center in Phuket. Rollerball Zorbing Center is located on Kalim Beach not far from Patong. There is a unique track 190 meters long (the longest in the world!). Visitors are offered to choose any of the tracks: running on a flat terrain, running on water, descending from a hill and even descending from waterfalls. You can also go down in the glowing ball after sunset and see a unique spectacle.

All tracks are designed by qualified professionals according to the security requirements. So, Zorbing is an absolutely safe activity and there are no weight and age restrictions. Even children can roll in the ball after they are given certain instructions.

The cost of the descent depends on the type of track and additional services (photos, drinks) and starts from 950 baht per person. During the rolling, you can relax and feel in gravity or run and control your descent - the choice is yours!

Anyone who rolls at zorb in Thailand at least once will definitely want to do it again. This activity is very popular among visitors and locals, adults and children. Zorbing is a great option for a family holiday or a nice pastime for a group of friends, in any case you will have a great time.

Sean   (27.04.2020 21:56)
I did not know that Phuket has such a beautiful city. Of course I want to stay here longer. I will definitely be back.

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