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Transfer & Taxi to Phuket Airport

Phuket, Thailand
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If you are interested in a taxi from Phuket airport (meeting at the airport with a sign), go here.

Phuket taxi to airport

SHA+ taxi service at any time of the day and night

Are you leaving Phuket or do you just need to be at the airport? Our company offers a fast and comfortable taxi service from your hotel, house, villa or condo right to the airport. You will be picked up by a minibus, so you can take the necessary amount of luggage with you.

To book a taxi to Phuket Airport you need to fill in the booking form. Cars are provided 24/7 at any time of the day and night.

We recommend to book a taxi no later than 24 hours before the trip.

We trust our clients, so we do not ask for prepayments. If you book online at the website, you don’t have to make any prepayments. You will pay the driver after he takes you to the airport. You won’t get lost! Our driver will be waiting for you at the hotel reception or will call you.

Taxi prices to Phuket Airport

Price for vehicle Toyota Commuter in Thai baht (THB) for one-way trip

If you are interested in a taxi from Phuket airport (meeting at the airport with a sign), go here

If you are interested in a taxi from Phuket airport (meeting at the airport with a sign), go here.

You will need to pay an extra 250 THB for the taxi service at night time – from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Our cars are always in good condition

Our fleet counts more than 40 Toyota Commuter D4D minibuses and several cars. All vehicles have got auto insurance. Regular technical maintenance is performed for all vehicles.

Autopark taxi - Phuket

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your booking for free, not less than 24 hours before the beginning of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be taken to the airport entrance?

You will be delivered to the entrance to the departure zone.

Do I have to pay for luggage?

No. You don’t have to pay extra money for luggage. The prices indicated at the website are final.

Do I have to pay extra money if I need a taxi at night time?

You will need to pay extra 250 THB for the meeting service at night time – from 23:00 to 06:00 (11:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.)

We are travelling with a child. Do you provide a child safety seat?

We can provide child safety seat at your request.

Can I book meeting at the airport with your service?

Yes. You can read about the meeting at the airport service and see the prices here.

Mathieson   (01.04.2020 10:24)
Please can I ask - How much TB for taxi to HKT from Surin Beach Hotel on 2nd April at 5pm.

Support_Online-Phuket   (01.04.2020 14:36)
Hello, the price depends on the amount of the people: 2 people - 890 THB for car, 3-4 people - 990 THB for car, 5-12 people - 1100 THB.

Kai   (17.03.2020 09:39)
Hello. How much for a taxi 2 person from thavorn beach & spa To international airport sunday am 8.30.

Vera_Online-Phuket   (17.03.2020 17:43)
Hello. Taxi will cost 890 thb

Wim   (15.11.2019 08:44)
What is de price for a taxi from Chanalai garden Kata to Phuket airport? It is for two people. What time do you pick us up when our flight is at 14u45?

Vera_Online-Phuket   (15.11.2019 16:43)
Dear Wim, price is 890 thb for 2 people. The way to the airport usually takes around 1 hour.

Mera   (25.08.2019 18:20)
Good pm. Just want to ask how much from HKT to Beyond Patong for tomorrow ? And what kind of car. Thank you

Support_Online-Phuket   (27.08.2019 00:12)
Hello, Mera, please see all rates at this page, the price depends on of the amount of the people and starts from 790 THB. We provide minibus Toyota commuter.

Daniel Halksworth   (10.08.2019 13:38)
How much for two people and two bags from the vijit resort in Rawai to the international terminal. 5pm on the 11th please.

Support_Online-Phuket   (11.08.2019 06:28)
Hello, the price for the taxi 890 THB for your route.

Tom   (20.07.2019 17:32)
Hi, yo have any shared can from kata to airport around 6 or 7am? We have a flight 9.45

Support_Online-Phuket   (20.07.2019 18:59)
Hello, dear Tom, the first shared bus has departure at 06:30 am from Kata, but the arriving time is 09:00 am to the airport.

William   (21.04.2019 08:01)
Hi, how much is the taxi from The Senses Resort in Patong to HKT? Thanks.

Matthew_Online-Phuket   (21.04.2019 08:32)
Dear William, price depends on the number of people:
1 - 2  people - 790 baht
3 - 4 people - 890 baht
5 - 12 people - 990 baht
There is extra charge 200 baht at the night time (23:00 - 06:00)
For the booking please fill the form at our website or contact us by any option by the link below for more details:

Danielle   (15.04.2019 10:00)
Hello we are 2 adults and two children with 4 bags . How much for taxi from movenpick Karon to airport at 10am

Matthew_Online-Phuket   (17.04.2019 04:37)
Hello Danielle, price for the taxi is 990 THB in total.

An Shamy   (05.03.2019 16:19)
Hi. Is it possible to get a taxi to the airport from amari phuket in Patong tomorrow on the 6th march 2019 It’s for 2 people ans How much is it?

Support_Online-Phuket   (07.03.2019 22:20)
Hello, the price is 790 baht.

Madhur   (17.02.2019 17:08)
Hi, how can I cancel booking I've made today

Polina_Online-Phuket   (17.02.2019 18:24)
Dear Madhur, we canceled your recervation and sent you a cancelation letter to your email.

Viraj   (05.02.2019 21:40)
How much from the bliss south Patonga to airport Mansion hotel near airport?
2X adults and 1x 4yo child. We need taxi Friday around 12noon

Support_Online-Phuket   (06.02.2019 15:20)
Hello, Viraj, the price is 800 THB. Please fill the form for the booking at this page.

Linda Lee   (03.01.2019 12:06)
I have filled up my date & timing request and hotel location. May I know any availability and cost to airport? Hope to hear from u ASAP. Thanks.

Support_Online-Phuket   (04.01.2019 02:44)
Dear Linda, we have answered by email.

Anna   (02.01.2019 18:29)
Hello, How much for a taxi from Kata Lucky village to the airport at 21.30 pm? We are 2! Thanks

Support_Online-Phuket   (03.01.2019 04:35)
Hello, the price for your route is 890 THB.

Alina   (01.01.2019 20:27)
Hi there, how much is it to get from Casa Del M hotel to Phuket International tomorrow at 12:00 ? Thank you!

Support_Online-Phuket   (02.01.2019 15:14)
Hello, the price depends on the number of people.

MARIA CAPPARELLI   (24.12.2018 18:35)
How much is cost for 2 adults 1 child from Bangtao to Airport, for tomorrow?
Thank yous

Support_Online-Phuket   (24.12.2018 18:42)
Hello,  dear Maria, the price is 790 THB. If you need a txi at the night time (23:00-06:00), you will have to extra pay 200 THB.

Mini   (11.12.2018 08:38)
Hello, how much do you charge for taxi from Karon butterfly residence to phuket international airport?

Anastasiya_Online-Phuket   (11.12.2018 14:22)
Hello, Mini, price for a taxi for this route depends on number of passengers: 1-2 pax - 890 THB, 3-4 pax - 990 THB, 5-12 pax - 1100 THB.

Florinda   (24.10.2018 18:13)
How much for a taxi from Katathani beach resort to Phuket Airport for 4 people? Sunday 8 am pick up.

Matthew_Online-Phuket   (03.11.2018 18:26)
Dear Florinda, the price for the taxi is 890 THB in total.

Nho Lam   (16.08.2018 14:52)
Would line to ask tou how much is it from Kata Beach to Phuket aiport tomorrow at 8 am. There is 7 of us.

Matthew_Online-Phuket   (16.08.2018 17:20)
Dear Nho Lam, the price for the taxi from Kata Beach to Phuket airport is 1100 THB for 7 people.

Monica   (28.09.2017 14:29)
Do you have shared minibus to Phuket airport fr millenium resort patong for about 6pm today?

Alina__Online-Phuket   (28.09.2017 14:50)
Dear Monica, we can offer only the private car.

Christine   (19.05.2017 14:32)
Hello, will it be possible to book a taxi from Borsaen villa to Phuket international Airport? Thank you.

Polina_Online-Phuket   (07.06.2017 19:17)
Christine, yes it`s possible. Please contact with us by phone or make a booking on web site.

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