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Get a student ED visa in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand
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Phuket Student Non-Immigrant Visa

The student visa is currently one of the most popular, because it is easy to apply for, does not require many documents and gives the right to happy owners to stay in Thailand for a maximum of a whole year. It is also convenient that upon receipt you do not need to travel abroad. Book the desired visa directly on the website, fill out a simple order form.

Prices for Students Visa in Phuket

All available visa offers here.

What's included

  • Preparing of all documents (you will need to prepare some documents also)
  • ED visa
  • Visa extension each 3 month (except ED visa for 3 month)
  • Studying (if you want)

Required documents

1. Passport, which must be valid for at least 8 months from the date of application.

2. Registration (TM30) or an annual rental contract (whichever is applicable). If you don't have this document, you can obtain TM30 it for an additional fee of 1500 baht.

3. Photos of you inside your place of residence, living room, and one other area in your residence. Additionally, a photo by the door with the apartment or house number, and a photo with the name of the complex if applicable.


The language school is located in the Kathu area. The cost of all student visa options includes lessons for the learning language with native speakers, if you want you can do not visit lessons (according to your preference). Lessons can be conducted offline, online, on a flexible schedule. The available languages for study are English, Thai, and French.

When can I get a student visa?

You can start registration and get a student visa at any time convenient for you. No need to wait for the start of the school year.

How long does it take to get a student visa?

The registration process takes up to 30 days, but may be you will need to do border run.

How does it all work?

To begin the application process, you will need to provide a photo of your passport and the entry stamp to Thailand. Please send these documents when making your reservation.

Next, we will arrange a meeting, and a personal visit to the school will be required.

Registration takes place inside the country through the immigration office, without leaving.

Cancellation Conditions

You can cancel your reservation for free at least 7 days before the selected date.

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