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Phuket Gems Gallery - Gems Factory

Phuket, Thailand
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We invite you to visit a jewelry store which belongs to the Gems Gallery Factory (Gems Gallery Phuket Co., Ltd.). High-quality cutting of different shapes and forms creates a beautiful play of light and color inside a gemstone which makes a piece of jewelry shiny and dazzling. You can endlessly admire the masterpieces created by skillful Thai jewellers. When wearing Gems Gallery jewelries you will be always catching admiring glances. Black diamond is one of the most wonderful and amazing gemstones that nature has ever created. The shiny gemstones are presented in the modern collection of exquisite jewelries. Those who always want to look their best should pay their attention to amazing diamond jewelries which shine and beauty is irresistible. it is impossible not to notice flawless cutting and sophisticated design of the fine gemstones. Sapphire jewelry collection will add more charm and delicacy to your stunning look. Exclusive glamorous ruby jewelries will definitely grab your attention. Official business meetings demand smart look and elegant pearl jewelries will help you to maintain the perfect image.

Warm welcome

You will be met warmly and welcomed inside with a drink from the bar. English-speaking assistants will help choose a unique piece of jewelry that reflects your individual beauty.

Perfect skill

Thai precious stones are well-known all over the world. Thai skillful jewellers use high-quality natural stones to create unique jewelry collections which can meet the requirements of the most demanding and picky clients.

Life-time guarantee

Be sure that each piece of jewelry has got a life-time guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the jewelry you got at Gems Gallery, you can ask for a refund. It is also possible to have the jewelry cleaned and changed for another size.

Tour to the Earth interior

Here you will go on an educational tour to the Earth interior. You will travel by train and learn how the precious stones are mined, cut and turned into an amazing work of art.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do you provide a return transfer to the hotel from Gems Gallery?

Yes, we provide a return transfer, regardless the amount of your purchases.

2. Is it possible to organize a return transfer to another place instead of the hotel?

Yes, we can organize a return transfer to a different place.

3. Which currency can I pay?

You can pay any currency by cash, Visa or MasterCard.

4. What kind of guarantee do jewelries have?

All jewelries have got a life-time guarantee.

5. Is it possible to create a unique piece of jewelry that will suit my specific requirements?

Yes, it is possible.

6. Is it possible to have Gems Gallery silver jewelries cleaned?

Yes, the jewelries have got Gems Gallery stamp. You can have them cleaned anytime for free.

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I bought a yellow sapphire ring and a sterling silver bracelet the other day from Tan. Even though Tan was lovely I am very disappointed in the fact that I wasn't informed that the white stones were zirconia and not diamonds and it wasn't until I paid and received the certificate that shown zirconia and not diamonds. I find this quite deceitful on your behalf and I might not have purchased this particular ring if I had known . Yes maybe I should have asked and not taken it for granted however as you are the company I believe that I should have been told the truth so I could have made a more informed decision. I would appreciate an explanation asap as I leave for Australia tomorrow.

Dear Michelle Kerr, our company provides only  transfer to the Gems Gallery, we recommend you to contact directly with shop, you can find right contacts in your check.

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