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Splash Jungle Water Park in Phuket: entertainment for children and adults


Description of the aqua-park

If you ask where the aqua-park in Phuket is, you will know that Splash Jungle is a part of the Grand West Sands Resort & Villas Phuket hotel complex, which is located near the airport. It was originally planned that the Park would be available only for hotel guests. Employees of Canadian enterprise White Water Industries were invited for designing and building this water complex.

They were real professionals, known for their projects, such as Sea Word and Disneyland in the United States. As a result, there was built a huge park with an area over 22.000 sq. m and ability to accommodate up 2.000 visitors. The cost plan was also exceeded because it required 0.5 billion of Thai baht. For these reasons, the management decided to open the Park for public access. So now lovers of water-activities in Thailand have a place to have fun. The adult ticket to the aqua-park costs about 1295 baht and child ticket– 895 baht.

Water Jungle is separated from the hotel by the river, which surrounds the entire area. It is very comfortable to float down the river exploring all the areas so that to choose the most exciting.

The aqua-park is divided into 7 theme zones: Latin and North America, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Turkey and Europe. Here you will see a large variety of slides with different levels of extreme, several pools with various whirlpools and waves.

The most extreme slides are Boomerango and Superbowl. The first one is a structure of pipe with a huge bowl and another pipe, which goes down into the pool. Descend is allowed only with a lifeline. The second attraction stands out among other water-slides and reminds a ramp for skateboarding. During the descent in Superbowl you will get a fair shake.

Children's zone

Play area for children with animators, children's slides, a shallow pool, a barrel with warm water and even an aquarium with sea fishes can please any young guest. There is a high level of security on the playground, lifeguards are on duty and children are required to wear inflatable vests. The administration regularly checks the water, which is taken directly from the well. So parents can safely leave their children in the play area and ride on other slides.

Infrastructure of the complex

In addition to the water activities in this beautiful "Jungle" you can visit the fitness center, have a meal at the local restaurants and even drink a cocktail in the pool at the Splash Bar. Jungle Deli Restaurant serves Thai cuisine and traditional European meals. At the Coconut Café you can eat fast food.

Requirements to visitors

People over 135 kg and pregnant women are not allowed on the slides. The administration is not responsible for any accidents due to the negligence of the customer, that’s why it is necessary to follow the rules:

• Visit the Park only in special clothing for swimming (without zippers and rivets);

• No running and diving;

• Visitors with health problems are not admitted to the water park;

• Smoking is allowed in specified zones only;

• It is forbidden to consume food or drinks in the pools, on the slides. Using glass containers is prohibited;

• After each 50 minutes spent in the water, you need to take a break for 15 minutes.

It is easy to get to the park from any point of the island. The trip will take about an hour. You can book a trip to the aqua-park directly at the website by completing the booking form or by calling the hotline. You can use the "call from website" or instant messengers.

Natalie   (27.04.2020 19:15)
Nice park here we had a lot of fun. Booked a trip with you. We were in the park all day, and then we were brought back to the hotel.

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