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Spa Relax in Phuket


Spa Relax in Phuket

Phuket’s spa-salons t are known all over the world. That’s why a visit to the salon should be a mandatory item of your program on vacation. Spas in Phuket offer unique opportunities to improve your health and appearance. A welcoming atmosphere, ancient secrets of beauty and only natural ingredients will make your relax not only pleasant but also very useful.

Spa industry came to Thailand from India more than 2000 years ago. During this time, monks created and improved recipes and techniques for improvement of the person and the restoration of his forces. All this knowledge is used in modern salons, so spa procedures in Phuket are very effective. Below are given the descriptions of 4 the most famous centers on the island and the services they provide.

The Oasis Spa

Oasis Spa is one of the most popular spas in Thailand. "Heart" of health and beauty on the island runs from 2003. Ancient technology, modern developments in the medicine, 100% natural ingredients, classic Thai - style will please all visitors. A great variety of procedures (ranging from Thai massages to complex services ) allows everyone to choose the best one.

For example, the complex "Secrets of Ayurveda" includes body massage with warm oil. Such complex with yoga therapy will greatly improve your health and will give you cheerfulness.

Package "Spa Golden Lana" consists of a relax in the steam room and a Royal massage from Oasis Spa with scrub. Be sure your body will thank you for such gift.

Complex " Sea of Pleasure includes relax in a herbal bath, body peeling by the scrub with aloe Vera, wrapping with lavender oil, massage and face lift. And in 5 hours you will be young and full of energy again.

On our site you can learn more about the full range of services in Oasis Spa and order free shuttle there.

Mookda Spa

This Spa will easily improve your face, body, hair and nails. You can order a separate procedure or set of services. Some procedures take place in the garden near the picturesque. Herbal ingredients and ancient secrets of the masters will help you to become more beautiful, cheerful and stronger.

The first set called Le Andaman Pakcage includes steam with Jacuzzi, scrub and massage with cream pearls, massage of face and feet, manicures and pedicures. Natural tea and snacks are also included.

Shirodhara Pakcage includes a sauna with Jacuzzi, peeling, massage, aromatherapy, hair care. Tea and snacks are also proposed.

With Coconut Pakcage you visit a sauna, then you can choose a mask with aloe Vera or coconut scrub. Then you get massage of the body and legs, and hair care with coconut oil.

Special Pakcage offers after the sauna and scrubs, Thai massage of the feet and face. Also you can choose the relax program by yourself . You can find more information on our website.

Siladon Spa

Beautiful garden in Siladon Spa and the views from the hill will please anyone. The level of service and professionalism of this center is one of the most worthy. There you can get different types of aromatherapy, body massage, face and hair care.

For example, the package "Harmony" includes foot massage and body massage with aroma oils. "Pacification" is an aroma massage and body wrapping. Scrub and aromatherapy is included in "Update".

A full list of available sets of procedures, their descriptions and cost can be found on our website. To book a trip to this paradise of relaxation and enjoyment you need to fill the order form.

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