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Entertainments in Patong


Top 5 entertainments in Patong

Patong is a small resort town on Phuket island, which is famous for its huge beach and an active nightlife. Patong is never boring: tourists from all over the world come here in search of exotic adventures. This district offers a large selection of entertainments which will be interesting, both for lovers of outdoor activities and families with children. In our article, we have made a list of the top places in Patong which are worth visiting.

Popular beaches

In addition to the 3 km long famous Patong Beach, there are several beaches in this district which you should visit. For example, the beautiful Freedom Beach is hidden from visitors behind granite rocks and jungle thickets. The beach is located in a small bay, there are white sand and crystal clear water. You can get here only by boat, so there you won't find any noisy companies of holidaymakers.

Paradise Beach is another picturesque place where you can have a great time. A breathtaking view of Patong Bay opens from the seaside. The beach is located near Patong Beach, you can get there by land or by boat. Both beaches are great for snorkeling, kayaking or just secluded relaxation.

Kalim Beach, which is located north of Patong Beach, will show you a real Thai flavor. A little market is organized here every night, there are tents with various goods and food. Locals come here to buy something, to eat and to chat with friends. During the rainy season, the beach becomes one of the best places for surfing.

Kingdom of Tigers

Kingdom of tigers is a huge park, where tigers from their birth live side by side with people. Each tiger lives in an atmosphere of love and care, that is why they are friendly to people. Visitors of the park can see tigers of different ages, touch them and take photos. There is also a cozy restaurant in the park where guests can have a snack and admire the tigers relaxing, dining or walking around the park with trainers.

In order to get to the park comfortably, you can choose a suitable tour and book a tour at our website.

Flying Hanuman

"Flying Hanuman " is a great attraction for those who love extreme and beautiful landscapes. You can fly over the jungles on special ropes in a huge rope park with various routes. Spiral staircases, bridges, crossings, vertical descents and Skyrail will help you to see the jungles from a bird's eye view. Here you can feel like Hanuman - a god with the appearance of a monkey, who had the power to fly from one point to another. Everyone can choose a route with a different duration and level of complexity. You can find more information about the tours or book a tour at our website.

Local Attractions

During their staying in Patong tourists have the opportunity to learn something new about the Kingdom. Wat Suwan Khiri Wong Temple is the most famous temple in Patong, so it is often called Wat Patong. The temple has been here since the times when Patong was a quiet fishing village. There is still calm atmosphere at the vast territory of the temple complex. Here you can admire the Thai-style buildings, beautiful statues of Buddha and three monks (yellow, white and black). The temple is located at the foot of the hill near the road which leads from Patong to Phuket Town.

Kathu Mining Museum is one of Phuket’s most popular museums. Gorgeous installations will tell you about the hard work in tin mines and the life of local people in Kathu village. The museum is open from 8 am to 4 pm every day except Sunday. It is located between the Lok Palm Golf Club and the British International School in Kathu.


When talking about Patong, it is impossible not to mention Bangla Road - the heart of Phuket’s nightlife. After sunset, the street is filled with bright lights of night bars, loud music, and crowds of passers-by. Clubs and bars offer entertainments for every taste: from quiet chatting with friends with a glass of beer to noisy dances, cocktails, and a go-go shows. Most of the bars are located outdoors, so you don’t even need to go somewhere to dance and have fun.

For thrill-seekers, the Wake-Up nightclub at Bangla Road offers an extravagant XXX show for adults. This performance is considered one of the island’s top night shows and is famous for unusual tricks with ping-pong balls. Therefore, many tourists call it the Ping-Pong show. You can book a tour to the XXX show at our website.

As you can see, Patong is amazing in its diversity and everyone can have an unforgettable time here. Picturesque beaches, exotic jungles and developed infrastructure - the perfect combination for a great holiday!

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