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Dangers for foreign visitors in Phuket


Dangers for foreign visitors in Phuket

Phuket is a unique island with beautiful nature which attracts tourists from different countries. Travelers come here in search of relaxation and tranquility, they don’t think about any dangers in Phuket. Nevertheless, in Phuket tourists can be in certain troubles as in any other resort. In our article we'll tell what kind of dangers vacationers can face, and how to avoid them.

Dangerous beaches

The first danger that vacationers can face is strong underwater currents. Currents are powerful streams of water, which flow with a certain speed in a certain direction. A person can not resist such current and he risks drowning. The strongest currents can be during the rainy season, the peak of their activity is from June to November. Nai Harn Beach and Karon Beach are the most dangerous beaches of Phuket with the most powerful currents.

The best way to protect yourself from dangerous consequences is not to swim during strong currents. If you see red or yellow warning flags on the beach, it is better not to swim in the sea. If you get in a rip current, you shouldn’t try to resist because the flow of water will still be stronger. You must try to swim along the coast to get out of the current and then swim to land.

Another danger that can wait for you in seawater is jellyfish. Although it is difficult to meet deadly species on the beaches of Phuket, jellyfish can leave the painful burn which will heal for several weeks. The best way to protect yourself from jellyfish is to try not to contact them and avoid swimming in the water. As soon as jellyfish appear in the coastal waters - the administration of the beaches immediately posts warning signs. If you are stung by a jellyfish, try to go ashore. The wound can be treated with lemon juice or vinegar and it is better to ask medical stuff at the beach for help.

Wild nature

You should definitely go on a tour to the wild jungle or forest while staying in Phuket. But do not forget about security measures. You should not touch wild and unfamiliar animals (even cute monkeys), as their reaction is unpredictable and the animal can attack you. It is also better not to touch unfamiliar plants, as they can be poisonous. Do not forget about personal hygiene. Always wash your hands with soap when you come home from a walk and wash fruits and vegetables you have bought. It is better to try unfamiliar fruit in small pieces to avoid an allergic reaction.

Local laws

Going on a trip to another country, it is always worth learning its traditions and customs and respect its laws.

Do not forget that Thailand is the Kingdom and the main ruler is the family of monarchs, which the Thais worship. Any disrespectful statements about the Royal family are perceived very negatively and even punished by the law.

The people of Thailand profess Buddhism and respect Buddha. Guests of the Kingdom should respect the local religion and observe the rules of conduct when visiting the temples. It is forbidden to touch or climb Buddha statues, women should not touch monks and it is necessary to take off your shoes at the entrance to a temple.

Another important aspect in local legislation is a categorical ban on the use and distribution of narcotic substances. These actions are strictly punished by the law and even a tourist will not escape the punishment.

Motorbike driving

Another actual danger in Phuket is a great number of motorbikes. The problem is that motorbikes are quite popular kind of transport, which can be easily rented (this will require only a photocopy of the passport and money for rent). Many tourists rent motorbikes without having enough driving experience, so they often can get into an accident. The roads on the island are good, but there are many steep turns and downhills. If you are not sure about your driving skills, it is better to choose another option for moving around.

Of course, Phuket has some dangers for tourists like any other resort. But if you are aware of them, nothing will prevent you from enjoying your vacation. Take care of yourselves!

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