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Thai visa service in Phuket - Thailand tourist visa

Phuket, Thailand
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What types of visa can you get with Thai visa service?

1. Tourist Visa - Single entry visa, valid for 3 months

This type of visa is suitable for those who want to stay in Thailand for three months more for tourist purposes. It is possible to get tourist single entry visa up to 4 times. The price for the service of getting Thai visa in Malaysia is 4499 THB. You will also need to pay a consular and service fee - 2600 THB (a visa fee 1800 THB and the border + service fee 800 THB).

You need to have your passport, immigration card, 2 photos (3,5×4,5 cm) and return ticket. If you apply tourist visa in the third time you have to show the bank statement with update balance 7 days before departure - 20000 THB.

Tourist single entry visa includes 60-day stay with a possibility of extension for another 30 days at the Office of Immigration Bureau where you will have to pay 1900 THB for the procedure of extension.

2. Non-Immigrant Visa Type “B”, “ED”, “O”

For getting Non-Immigrant visa type “B”, “ED”, “O” visa you will have to provide extra packet of documents. The number and the list of documents depends on the visa type.

For getting Non-Immigrant visa in Malaysia you need: passport, 2 photos (3,5×4,5 cm) and documents.

The price for getting Thai visa in Malaysia service is 4499 THB + border service fee 800 THB. You will also have to pay consular fee: for Non-Immigrant single entry visa for 3 month - 3100 THB, for 12 months visa - 7000 THB.

3. Extension of valid tourist multiple entry Visa

If you need to leave Thailand for a short period of time, you can use Visa Run service to Satun. Visa Run service to Satun is suitable for those who need to cross the Thai border for extension of tourist multiple entry visa or NON B, NON O, NON ED visa (extra border service fee 1000 THB) or for getting new stamp for 30 days (extra border service fee - 1500 THB). You will be picked up at your hotel and taken to Satun or Ranong. We will help you cross the border, return to Thailand and then we will transfer you back to your hotel, apartment or house. This service includes lunch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you pick me up from any hotel in Phuket?

We can meet you almost at any hotel or place in Phuket. However, if there are any difficulties, we will ask you to come to the main road.

2. What do I need to take with me for getting Thai visa?

You need to have your passport, immigration card, money to pay consular fee - 1800 THB (for tourist single entry visa), 2 photos (3,5×4,5 cm), bank statement 20000 THB (if you apply visa in the 3d time). If you need Non Visa, you have to show extra package documents and pay consular fee - 3100 THB for 3 month or 7000 THB for 1 year.

3. Do I have to go to the Thai Embassy in Malaysia?

No, you don’t have to go to the Embassy. Your visa will be processed by the specialists of our company. You can enjoy your free time in the Banana Boutique Hotel and have a rest in Penang.

4. Which hotel are we going to stay?

The service includes staying at the Banana Boutique Hotel in Georgetown, Malaysia.

hi there!

Good day!

How much should I prepare for the Non B including visa and everything? thanks

Dear James, price for the trip to apply Non B visa is 4499 THB, but also you have to extra pay consular fee: for Non-Immigrant single entry visa for 3 month - 3100 THB, for 12 months visa - 7200 THB.

Do you provide assistance with documents for a work visa?

Dear Daric, unfortunately, you have to prepare documents by yourself.

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