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Housing in Phuket


Housing in Phuket

Housing in Phuket is an important aspect which can significantly affect the quality of your vacation: either it will be wonderful days in comfort or some inconveniences can spoil your mood. To avoid such troubles, it is better to think about living in Phuket in advance. Independent travellers should pay special attention to the question of accommodation. In our article we will tell how to choose accommodation in Phuket, what the types of accommodation are and what you should pay attention to.

Types of housing

There are several types of accommodation in Phuket where tourists can stay during their vacation: hotels, guesthouses, condos, houses and villas.

Numerous hotels in Phuket are located mainly in popular tourist districts and close to beaches. Two, three, four or five-star hotels provide different level of comfort and additional services. Hotels without stars are called guesthouses. All information about the conditions of living, as well as reviews of other guests can be easily found on booking services. It is better to book rooms in good hotels in advance especially during the hot season.

Condo (apartment in the condominium) is a comfortable apartment with a living room, kitchen, bedroom and all amenities. A condominium is a large multi-storey building or several buildings with its own swimming pool, gym, playgrounds and other amenities available to all residents. Renting a condo in Phuket is the most profitable option for long-term comfortable living.

A house or villa is more suitable for those who plan to stay in Phuket for a longer period with the whole family or with a pet, as pets are not allowed in hotels and condos. There is a large selection of houses of various sizes with different territories, including chic villas with a private pool and other facilities. Most of the houses are located in protected villages with their own infrastructure (pools, sports and playgrounds, other amenities). When looking through the various options, pay attention to the district and its transport system.

Prices for Housing

There are several factors which affect housing prices in Phuket:

• Season - during the tourist season prices for housing rise greatly.

• Rent term - the longer the rent term, the lower the price. When renting for a period of a year or more, the price may be lower by 20%.

• Distance from the coastline - the closer to the sea, the higher the price.

In general, Phuket is one of the most expensive resorts in Thailand. The most modest and low-cost housing option is renting a room without its own kitchen, it will cost about 500-700 THB per day. Renting a condo in Phuket will cost about 10,000-15,000 THB per month, excluding utility costs. The cost of a cubic meter of water in Phuket is about 35 THB, and the cost of 1 kW of electricity starts from 5 THB, depending on the area of ​​residence. Typically, the largest share of the cost goes to pay for electricity, as it is needed for heating water, cooking, and for cooling the room. And as you know, living in Thailand without air conditioning is quite difficult.


If you find the accommodation you like at the booking service and want to rent it, there is a checklist of questions which you should ask the owner or realtor:

• cost per month and whether there are discounts for long-term rent or regular customers (if you want to return here again);

• if there is a deposit, the procedure of its payment and return;

• the cost of utilities and the availability of additional services, for which you will need to pay extra;

• whether the Internet is connected, if not - if it is possible to conduct it;

• whether a rent agreement will be concluded (such agreement will be an advantage, especially when renting for a long period).

If you liked your vacation so much that you would like to buy a housing in Phuket, you can contact the Real Estate Gallery. Experienced specialists will help you to become a full owner of real estate in Thailand without any problems and you will begin a new stage in your life!

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