What should you buy in Phuket?


Souvenirs worth getting in Phuket

When travelling around the world, you always want to share a piece of each country you have visited with your family and friends. In this article we are telling what kind of souvenirs you can bring from Phuket as nice souvenirs for your closest people.


Thanks to the tropical climate of Thailand, fresh fruits are available all year round. The variety of fruits will impress even the picky tourists: there are mangos and pineapples, mongooses and salaks, durians and pineapples, rambutans and guavas, tamarinds and longans - and this is not the full list! The taste of the fruits which are usual for us, for example pineapple, is more intense and juicy. Pineapples are common in Thai and tourists get used to its abundance very quickly and do not consider it as “an exotic fruit” anymore. Pineapples are rich in microelements and vitamins, for instance they contain a lot of ascorbic acid. To your note: the top of a ripe and juicy pineapple is separated easily from the fruit.

A local coconuts is a big green fruit. You can not take coconuts with you, but you can buy all the products which are made of and contain coconut. You can get coconut water not only inside the coconut fruits, but also in bottles, cans and packets. It quenches the thirst very well. Coconut milk also comes in different packages and volumes.

Thai people make different souvenirs from coconuts, for example night-lamps from coconut shells. Coconut oil is a very popular product of Thailand. It is used for many purposes: in cosmetics, as a food supplement. Coconut oil moisturises the skin and helps heal wounds. You can buy coconut oil everywhere in Phuket: in pharmacies, in supermarkets, in souvenir shops, and at night markets. Be careful when choosing coconut oil as it can be fake of poor quality. We recommend to buy it in reliable places, for example in Parinda Pharmacy.

A durian is perhaps the most unusual fruit known for its exotic taste opinions about which are contrary - some say it is unique and creamy, others state that it is disgusting. The durian’s specific taste can be explained by a strong smell of sulfur which appears after keeping the fruit open for longer than 15 minutes. Like coconuts, durians are also forbidden to take out of the country.

All the other fruits can be easily taken through the customs. We recommend to buy fruits for your trip home at the fruit markets where you can ask a discount if you are getting a big amount of fruits and also get a container for transporting the fruits on the plane. It is better to choose hard mangos of light yellow or green color so that they will preserve their good condition for a longer time. Mongooses are good for transporting because of their thick skin. The same is true about papayas, longans and rambutans. These fruit have very tasty and juicy pulp. Dragon fruit and carambola will not probably surprise you with their taste, but more with their bright and exotic looks.

A local coconuts is a big green fruit. You can not take coconuts with you, but you can buy all the products which are made of and contain coconut. You can get coconut water not only inside the coconut fruits, but also in bottles, cans and packets. It quenches the thirst very well. Coconut milk also comes in different packages and volumes.

If your luggage is limited or you need presents that will last longer, you can get dried fruits. They will not much room in your luggage. Dried fruits can be found everywhere, even in Duty Free shop in Phuket.

Spices and sauces

Thai cuisine is well-known for the combination of the incongruous ingredients and abundance of spices which are available in shops in a large variety. As powders they are more concentrated than those which you usually buy in your home place, that is why you should be careful with the quantity you add to the meal - by adding a whole spoonful instead of a little sprinkle you can make your dish super spicy! You can get all kinds of spices at Phuket markets, but dried spices are easier to transport.

There is a great variety of sauces in Thailand - fish, oyster, chili, curry, creamy, sweet and sour - however, not everyone likes them. You can buy sauces in 7/11, Family Mart, in supermarkets, at night markets, in Duty Free.


Thai medicine is well-known for using preparations made of only natural ingredients. Sometimes Thai medicine helps when traditional medicine can not. It can be a placebo effect and strong faith of patients or a miraculous effect of Thai medicaments which have been made after ancient recipes of experienced Thai doctors during many centuries.

Many tourists bring Thai medicaments and remedies for their families and personal use. In the pharmacy of Thai remedies it is possible to get slimming solutions, medications for treatment and prevention of diabetes, liver diseases and preparations for strengthening immune system. Beside herbal components, natural ingredients of animal origin are used in the production of medications: snake’s venom, gallbladder of cobra and python, blood of Siamese crocodile, shark’s fat.

As there are many fakes, we recommend to buy treatments and medications in reliable places where you can also be consulted by specialists, for example in Parinda Pharmacy, Tea House, Royal Shark Pharmacy, crocodile and snake farms.

Exotic leather goods

At crocodile and snake farms it is possible to get a variety of goods made of crocodile and snake skin and also watch crocodile and snake shows. Porosus Shop is where you can buy clutches, handbags, bags, wallets, shoes made of natural leather of crocodile, skate, snake, and monitor lizard.

Cosmetic products

If you are lucky not to have problems with health, get some cosmetic products on the basis of eco-pure and natural ingredients for you, your family and friends. Your girl friends will be happy with creams and face masks with snail mucus. It is proved that snail mucus accelerates accelerates regeneration of cells, moisturises and rejuvenates the skin, that is why many face care products contain snail mucus extract. You can get certified natural cosmetic products in Phuket in Vitamax Pharmacy and JSM Korea Shop.


Thailand is on one of the top places in jewelry. It is not surprising that there are many jewelry shops and jewelry factories. Visit Gems Gallery in Phuket and admire a wide variety of jewelries and precious gemstones.

Climate conditions in Phuket are favourable for cultivating pearls. At Amorn Pearl farm you can buy pearl jewelries at a good price and also learn about the secrets of pearl birth.


Local markets have a large choice of souvenirs. The most popular Thai souvenirs are statues of elephants and other objects made of natural stone, magnets, nice keychains, aroma handmade soap, goods made of teak wood and coconut.

You can not take out of Thailand

When going shopping in Phuket, remember about the list of goods which are FORBIDDEN to take out of the country:

Buddha statues and other religious symbols;

- fruits: durian, coconut, watermelon. You can try these fruits in Phuket. You can bring home dried durian and durian sweets, coconut milk and oil;

- sand, soil, plants with soil - it belongs to Thailand only;

- uncut gemstones;

- any products and goods made of elephant’s organs;

- corals, seashells.

Logan   (01.05.2020 20:24)
I like to give gifts to friends. I brought a lot of tea and souvenirs and some fruit. Good you will go shopping)

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