Ping Pong show in Phuket


Ping Pong show in Phuket

Phuket is an amazing resort with different entertainments including traditional cultural program and exotic shows. Ping Pong show in Phuket refers to the second category. Fans of thrills and adult programs must definitely visit this show.

Show program

The Ping Pong show, despite its name, has nothing in common with sports and tennis rackets. Only small white balls for ping-pong are used in the show. The main goal of the show is to demonstrate and amaze the guests with unusual possibilities of the female body. For example with the help of a straw, the artist can "drink" something or "smoke" a cigar. The actress also demonstrates amazing sharpshooting during shooting darts. Sometimes, the guests which sit in the forefront can be invited to participate in the show. If you don’t want to take part in this, it is better to take a place in the back row.

How to get to the show

You can go to Bangla Road because Patong is an ideal place to find the Ping Pong show easily. Be sure, local touters will persuade you to visit this performance. Go-go bars and bars with a sign "Pussy show" can be also found in Phuket Town.

It's easier to book a ticket and transfer to the show directly at the website. One free cocktail is also included in the price. In any case, while visiting the Ping Pong show in Thailand you need to be ready for explicit and sometimes not very pleasant scenes. But strong impressions which you get after watching the show will be hard to forget!

Tyler   (29.04.2020 14:00)
I was interested in this show. What will happen there. I heard a lot about night shows and I’ll definitely go see how I come.

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