How much the pearl costs, where to buy it in Phuket


The best souvenir from Phuket is pearl jewelry

Thailand is the leader in pearl manufacturing. Except the tropical forests, big choice of entertainments and beaches, there are a few factories with their stores in this country.

Hard to imagine that only 40 years ago the process of cultivating pearls was unknown in Thailand. The pearls were extracted in a natural way, pulling from the sea bottom. This process required large efforts, because the diver had to do 50 dives per day and stay underwater for 3 minutes each time. Therefore, the number of products was limited, and the cost was quite high. But in 1967 Japanese scientists shared with the technology of culturing pearls on farms with Thai colleagues. Thai scientists modified that technology and became the leaders among manufacturers. And now pearl farms are working throughout the Kingdom of Thailand, particularly in Phuket. Basically, pearl farm is a family business with its own secrets.

The types of pearls

Thai pearl is recognized as one of the best in the world because of its durability and unique beauty. There are three types of pearls produced In Thailand: Mabe, Akoya, South Sea.

• Mabe (or blister) is formed in the clamshell called Penquin during a year. After the nucleus was implemented into the clamshell, the oysters are hung in a line of 10-15.

• Akoya (size 2-9 mm) are grown in pearl oysters called Vulgaris. The process of implantation of the nucleus is very difficult and at the end of implantation all shells are re-tested. The period of cultivation may last from six months to 2 years.

• South Sea pearl (diameter from 9 to 20 mm) is one of the biggest. Pearls can be different colour. Oysters called Pinctada Maxima are used for the production of South Sea pearls. Due to the large size of oysters, they can be implanted with large nucleus. The formation of pearls lasts for 2-3 years.

The differences of a real pearl from a fake

Before buying jewelry it is better to study in detail how to choose a real pearl:

• The surface of a real pearl cannot be perfectly smooth;

• Real pearl has a special glitter;

• If you rub two real pearls against each other, you can hear a squeak;

• Real pearl is heavier than a fake one;

• If you drop two pearls, the real one will jump off the surface higher;

• If you scratch the pearl and touch it with a finger, the damage will disappear.

Pearl stores in Phuket

As you can see, Thai pearl is one of the best souvenirs that you can bring from Phuket. You can find out how much the pearl costs, where to buy it, information about the types and colour, by booking a free transfer to the outlet stores.

Amorn Pearl Phuket

Amorn Phuket Pearl is owned by Phuket Pearl Co., Ltd, which is running since 1976. The company is known for the high quality of its products, which received numerous national awards. The Amorn pearl brand is the main exhibit in many private collections. The manufacturer impresses with its wide assortment: earrings, rings, necklaces and other jewelry made of gold or silver. Amorn Pearl farm is the first one in Phuket from which the development of this industry started on the island.

Phuket Pearl Art Factory

Phuket Pearl Art Factory is a farm which was opened in 2013, but has already won the attention of many buyers. The main advantage of this company is a creative jewelry design. In addition to the original jewelries, here you can buy quality replicas of international brands. It is impossible to differentiate between originals and copies, but the price is much lower. So, fans of Tiffany, Chanel, Misaki brands will be happy to visit this store.

Also you can visit the factory so that to see the pearl manufacturing. The farm is located near Sapam Bay to the East of Phuket. This location was chosen due to its suitable climate conditions. Atmosphere in the bay is comfortable for the oysters. Return transfer, drinks and Russian guide are included in the price of the trip.

To learn more details or to book a tour to the pearl stores you can to fill in the booking form at our website.

Patricia Fryters   (04.11.2022 15:48)
i need to the the nearest costs of a set of gold pearl studs, in Australian dollars. Thank you.

Patricia Fryters   (04.11.2022 15:45)
I am looking at buying a pair of gold pearl earrings stud.

jason stone   (17.12.2020 21:12)
I would like to see 11mm to 13 mm pearl rings. photos and price. Thank you . Jason Stone

Support_Online-Phuket   (19.12.2020 22:05)
Hi, now it is not possible, shop is closed now. Please contact us after January.

Will charlton   (20.10.2020 15:01)
I am looking to buy pearls from the shell to make jewelry back in the uk can you supply me regards Will I am in Thailand now

Support_Online-Phuket   (20.10.2020 15:24)
Dear Will Charlton, we are not sure that our service can help you now, but you can contact us to provide more details in the chat TelegramViberSkypeFacebook MessengerTwitter or any another way https://online-phuket.com/contacts

Hugh   (30.04.2020 15:22)
I don’t have pearl jewelry, maybe I’ll come and buy some earrings, and I want to go to the farm and see how oysters grow.

Neelofar   (04.07.2019 03:54)
I found south Asia sea shell pearls if you interested to purchased me plz email me
Contact num#03332467144

Support_Online-Phuket   (04.07.2019 17:26)
Dear Neelofar, we do not buy any deals.

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