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JSM KOREA - best Korean cosmetic products in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand
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Tête-à-Tête with nature

Only natural ingredients

Modern world is full of artificial and unnatural products. To feel close connection with nature many people travel to exotic places, such as Phuket. A holiday among picturesque landscapes inspires for self-development and self-improvement. One of the important steps in this process is buying natural cosmetics made on the basis of 100% ecological ingredients.

Find Youth and Beauty in JSM KOREA!

JSM KOREA was founded in Korea in 2008. And now it is possible to buy its products in Phuket. JUN SUN MI KOREA supports an idea of distributing ECO products all over the world.

Why many people choose products of this brand:

  • products do not contain harmful components;
  • ¾ of the contents are plant extracts, peptides, antioxidants and vitamins.

  • Thailand guests will be happy to visit the Center of Korean Cosmetics, because:

  • it offers care solutions for any age;
  • it has a wide choice of natural products for all types of skin and hair;
  • it sells professional cosmetic products at good prices, besides these products are also wonderful souvenirs from an exotic journey.

  • What products JSM KOREA offers?

    One of the most popular products among tourists is a so called “snail cream”. Snail mucus contains secretion which is able to trigger regeneration processes. In cosmetology nowadays there are special cosmetic lines made on the basis of this valuable component. These products are aimed to restore skin, eliminate inflammation and scars. Cream with snail mucus extract reduces wrinkles and narrows pores. Such cosmetics is good for skin of any type and age.

    There is a wide demand for intensive care anti-ageing solutions. JSM KOREA offers a great variety of deep effect lotions, soft but effective gel-peelings and solutions for sensitive skin. The range of products also includes active oxygen foam which has got a complex effect.

    It is hardly possible to describe all the products offered by JSM KOREA on one page. It is better to book a transfer with a convenient tourist service - online-phuket.com. English-speaking operators are ready to answer all your questions. Call our hot line!

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