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VitaMax - cosmetics shop in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand
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Shopping in VitaMax

Cosmetics shop in Phuket

Phuket attracts tourists not only with picturesque landscapes and beautiful beaches. Shopping is also one of the many pleasures that lure guests. Especially when we are talking about shopping for natural cosmetic products!

We invite you to visit VitaMax cosmetics shop in Phuket. VitaMax offers a great choice of high-quality certified cosmetics. Choose and get unique products for your health and beauty:

- Body care. A wide choice of certified medical cosmetics with correct expiration dates.

- Face care. Products of this category should be chosen carefully and attentively. VitaMax specialist do understand this. You will be consulted by a specialist and offered a range of products that satisfy your personal needs and requirements.

Natural treasures for your beauty

- Premium-class cosmetics with Korean ginseng extract. This “life elixir” is made of the ginseng’s roots which are grown in the eco-friendly environment.

- Products containing squalene - organic compound from deepwater shark’s liver. This is a complex rejuvenating solution, helps to heal wounds and used as a therapy treatment for many dermatological diseases.

- Encapsulated Garcinia - a good solution for quick extra fat burning.

- Pearl powder - a perfect mattifying solution. It makes the skin shiny and bright and fills up the lack of calcium in the organism. You will look 100% beautiful and healthy.

- Evening Primrose Oil is good for maintaining normal hormone balance. A rejuvenating solution.

- Cosmetics products with Beluga caviar - a product rich in vitamins, microelements and phospholipids. Its regular usage triggers regenerative processes.

VitaMax Premium Collection

Genseng Health Capsules.

Solution which stimulates immune system, tones up the organism, prevents appearance of malignant tumors. Contents: genseng extract, Reishi mushroom, Sika deer velvet antler powder and royal jelly.

Gold Serum with Anti Ageing Effect.

Contents: finest biogold, nanosized liposomes, placenta extract, vegetable based collagen, nucleic acids and proteins.

Regenerating line with Snail Extract

Developed specially for skin with defects - scars, acne, burn marks. Snail’s secretion nourishes cells with amino acids and vitamins. Gel structure easily penetrates into the pores leaving the skin mat.

Noni Juice

Contains over 150 biologically active components and microelements, has its effect on the cell level, produces rejuvenating effect on the whole organism.

VitaMax - cosmetics shop in Phuket

Collagen Face Mask with live seeds

Accelerates metabolism in the deepest skin layers which results in rejuvenating effect and eliminating wrinkles. The solution fills up collagen reserves which makes the skin smooth and fresh.

Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is a powerful source of energy which stimulates metabolism on the cell level. It improves memory, calms nervous system, increases work efficiency.

Oxygen Bubble Mask

Cleanses upper skin layers. Smooth texture and lavender extract have soothing effect. Makes skin clean, bright and fresh.

Propolis in capsules

Best natural antiseptic. It is also used as a local anaesthetic and for healing cuts and scars.

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