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Phuket Crocodile World

Phuket, Thailand
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The world of exotic adventures

Unforgettable experience - after the show you will have an amazing opportunity to be photographed on the top of a real crocodile!

Crocodile world is a “must visit” attraction if you are travelling around Thailand. You will dive into the atmosphere of exotics and find yourself in a world where each next attraction is more interesting and exciting than the previous one. Unforgettable experience - after the show you will have an amazing opportunity to be photographed on the top of a real crocodile!

Crocodile Museum: amazing facts from ancient times to present days

Thailand is a wonderful country which has a museum devoted to the frightening reptiles - crocodiles. There you can see various exhibits - crocodiles and alligators displayed inside big aquariums. You will be able to track the development of these animals since the times they lived in Ancient Egypt and South-East Asia.

Products for your health

Wani Thai - Crocodile blood

Good for immune system diseases, allergies, diabetes, anemia. Increases body’s resistance to viruses and infections. Improves sexual function, rejuvenates skin. Helps to heal wounds and ulcers, effectively fights infection.

Tan Wani Thai - Crocodile gall

Tan Wani Thai can be used as a natural immunotherapy for cirrhosis, pancreas and thyroid gland troubles, arthritis and rheumatism. Restores gall secretion, cleanses blood circulation system, improves eyesight, takes toxins out of the body, helps to lose weight.

Serum Wani Thai - Crocodile blood plasma

Good treatment for chronic diseases of urogenital system, gastritis, stomach and duodenum ulcers and diabetes.

Shop of exotic leather accessories

Here you can choose beautifully designed accessories made of crocodile leather: stylish bags and purses, comfortable foot wear, amazing wallets.

Would you like to feed sharp-toothed “pets”?

Everything is possible in Thailand! In the territory of a big pool you will see over 200 big and small crocodiles including representatives of rare species. Walking across a hanging bridge will be a fantastic experience - shake your nerves and enjoy a rush of adrenaline. Then you will feed sharp-toothed reptiles using special tools.

Crocodile show: dessert for the bravest

If you think that you have seen it all, visit an exciting crocodile show and enjoy unforgettable emotions. If feeding crocodiles hasn’t impressed you much, the crocodile show certainly will. You will see courageous trainers put arms, legs and even heads into large blood-thirsty jaws. The show takes place every 30 minutes from 9:30 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. Adult admission - 400 THB, child admission - 200 THB (for kids under 110 cm).

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