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Parinda - the pharmacy of Thai herbal remedies in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand
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Thai herbs

Parinda will help you stay healthy

Parinda pharmacy has been on the pharmaceutical market for a long time and now it is recognized as one of the best pharmacies in Thailand which produces treatments from natural ingredients at its own factory. You will be truly surprised by a great choice of unique medicines which are used for treatment and prevention of different diseases. Parinda also presents a cosmetic line of products for hair and body care. Parinda solutions are highly effective because it has always been using ancient recipes of experienced Thai doctors. Parinda has collected all healing herbal components which were created by the nature for your health and beauty.


Delivery to your hotel

You can easily order delivery to your hotel. Min cost of your order - 3000 THB.

Certified specialists

If you haven’t made a choice yet or you need some advice, highly qualified Parinda’s specialists are ready to offer their professional help.

Slimming Solutions

No15 Garcinia and green tea

Garcinia extract accelerates metabolism and split fats. Green tea helps clean the organism from toxins and contaminants.

Price: 850 THB

 № 27 Royal black pepper - Prik Thai Dam

Accelerates metabolism, splits hypodermic fat, eliminates flatulence.

Price: 600 THB.

Slim Complex

Reduces the level of low density lipoproteins, blocks lipase, decreases appetite and lowers down hunger feeling by affecting satiety center in hypothalamus.

Price: 800 THB.

Solutions for inner organs

No 23 Fah Talai Jone - treatment for quinsy and flu

Healing herb Fah Talai Jone is used for curing infectious chronic diseases. Boosts up the immune system.

Price: 500 THB.

No 26 Bhumi amla - for cleansing the liver

Bhumi amla is used for hepatitis of different etiology, cirrhosis, liver pathologies, alcohol abuse, cleansing hepatic cells.

Price: 600 THB

No 14 Pet Sang Kart - treatment for hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Relieves pain and inflammatory process, reduces hemorrhoidal knots and swollenness of tissues, accelerates tissue regeneration, relieves defecation.

Price: 600 THB.

No 8 Ya Ra Bai Thong - for cleansing bowels

Restores bowels peristalsis and electrolyte balance, cleanses from toxins and contaminants, improves metabolism.

Price: 600 THB

No 9 Hemorin - for cardiovascular diseases, improves heart function, cleanses blood

This medicine cleanses blood from chemical contaminants, normalizes blood pressure (decreases high blood pressure and increases low blood pressure) and heart beat, enriches blood with oxygen, improves microcirculation in tissues, reduces vessel spasms, restores the structure of the smallest capillaries, relieves heart pains.

Price: 600 THB.

No21.1Glucosamine - for locomotor system

Glucosamine is a medicine made from mollusk shells. It helps restore cartilage tissue, nourishes and covers joint surface. Being a building element, it strengthens bones, heart valves and blood vessels.

Price: 1800 THB.

No20 Antihistamine tablets

Antihistamine, anti- inflammatory medicine, has anti- exudative effect.

Price: 600 THB.

No18 Ginkgo Biloba

Improves blood circulation in the brain, increases thinking power, improves memory, relieves headache, develops thinking skills.

Price: 1200 THB.

Medicines for women’s health and beauty

No 6 Vitamins for women

These medicine normalizes menstrual cycle, reduces premenstrual syndrome, improves sleep, transforms blood contents, brightens complexion.

Price: 600 THB.

No 6.1 Women’s healing tampons

Tampons are made on the basis of ancient Tibetan recipe. They have bactericidal and anesthetic effect, reduce inflammation and uterus tone disorders, deal with stagnation processes in small pelvis, clean vagina naturally.

Price: 1290 THB.

No 13 Curcuma Xanthorrhiza

Has antibacterial effect, restores microflora, used for mastopathy, myomas, thyroid gland disorders.

Price: 600 THB.

No 67 Dong Quai - Van Chan Mod Luk

Natural tonic for uterus helps reduce menstrual, premenstrual and menopausal pains.

Price: 600 THB.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is exchange or refund possible?

No, you can not exchange products or ask for refund.

2. On what conditions is a free return transfer provided?

A free return transfer is provided if you buy Parinda products for min 2000 THB.

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