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Phuket Snake Show and Farm

Phuket, Thailand
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About Phuket Snake Farm

Here the production of the King pharmaceutical company “Snake Farm, Pasteur Institute” is represented. The Pasteur Institute was founded in 1923 and became the second organisation in the world aimed at researching methods of help for snake bites and finding antidotes. The Institute also studies the ways of using snake’s poisons in medicine and offers treatments with the developed methods.


Watch a Snake Show

A charming Snake Show demonstrates amazing stunts and the art of snake training. The large collection of poisonous snakes made the Phuket Snake Show one of the most widely visited sights. You will see: the king and Siamese cobras, pythons, the banded krait, the Gloydius halys, the white-lipped pit viper and many other species. The admission to the show is free of charge if you buy some products at the shop for 500 THB per each person. If you haven’t got anything, you need to pay 300 THB per an adult and 200 THB per a child for the admission ticket to the show.

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Products of the Snake Farm

Formula № 1 - Sut Tan Wan

Snake’s gall-bladder. Immune modifier that keeps the immune system in harmony. Find out about the prices in the shop.

Formula № 2 - Poo Sur Wan

Snake’s reproductive organs. Used for chronicle diseases of urogenital system and improving men’s sexual function. It is also effective for stomach and duodenal ulcers. Has a healing effect on wounds.

Formula № 3 - Sur Eiw Wan

Capsulated snake’s fat which contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins B, D, E.

Formula № 4 - Jia Tu Tan

Preparation on the basis of the king cobra’s venom. It is used as a treatment for skin diseases (psoriasis, allergic dermatitis, eczema). It is effective for haemorrhoids. Raises haemoglobin.

Formula № 5 - Tiew Jin Kun

A secret recipe of Thai traditional medicine. It is used for endocrine diseases, irregular painful menstrual cycle, mastopathia and myomas.

Formula № 6

Red ginseng root. Extract from six-year-old ginseng root which contains 32 types of saponins which are not found in other plants. The extract restores energy, improves memory and intellectual skills, relieves fatigue, restores sexual activity, stimulates synthesis of spinal cord’s cells.


Tonic with ginseng and ogidan extracts

Moisturises and tones up the dry skin, fills it with the energy of nature, nourishes it with healing microelements.

Emulsion on the basis of red ginseng

This solution makes the skin bright and shiny. It is applied after tonic to prolong the nourishing effect.

Moisturising emulsion for the skin under eyes with red ginseng extract

Moisturises and nourishes the sensitive skin under eyes. Has the rejuvenating effect, makes the skin resilient and smoothes small wrinkles.

Moisturising serum with red ginseng extract for under eye area

The serum moisturises and nourishes the sensitive skin under eyes, rejuvenates it and makes resilient smoothing small wrinkles.

Whitening emulsion

Contains arbutin, a component with whitening effect which prevents ageing of cells and skin fading. Makes the skin bright, clean, healthy and shiny. Effective for dim skin and pigment spots.

Rejuvenating face cream

Contains adenosine, an ingredient which has a lifting effect and fights age changes. The skin becomes elastic and resilient.

Night cream for under eye area

Moisturises and nourishes skin during sleep, fights age changes. Makes skin brighter and more resilient.


Contains galactose enzyme which makes possible the assimilation of lactose. Makes skin elastic, silky and resilient. Improves complexion. Used as a final step in your face day care.

Pearl powder as a dietary supplement

When used as a dietary supplement, pearl powder strengthens body’s protective functions, increases resistibility to unfavorable factors, including infections. The preparation improves the eyesight, eliminates corneal turbidity. Pearl powder is used in complex treatment of irregular menstrual cycle, impotence, frigidity. This product of Phuket Snake Farm is also recommended to pregnant women for the harmonious evolvement of the fetus, its immune and nervous system and intellectual skills of the future baby. Pearl powder is a unique source of calcium which is necessary for the growth of bone tissue, regulation of heartbeat and intercellular communication. Lack of calcium can cause irritation, depression, sleep problems, predisposition to cramps and spasms.

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