The advantages of Thai cosmetics


Natural contents

Everyone who has ever visited Thailand could notice the beautiful skin and healthy thick hair of local women. Thai women can thank Thai cosmetics for their beauty. Due to natural contents Thai cosmetics are hypoallergenic, have light and nice texture.

Contents and features of cosmetics

Thai Cosmetics often include such natural ingredients as various herbs, aroma oils, extracts from flowers, fruits, water plants. The most popular components are coconut oil, tamarind, turmeric and ginger, lime juice, pineapple, sesame oil, aloe vera. Each component and its properties are well studied by Thai cosmetologists. To choose what kind of cosmetics to bring from Thailand, it is enough to learn about the main contents and their useful properties.

For example, coconut oil is added to cream for dry skin, shampoos, toothpaste, lipsticks and other products. Coconut oil perfectly nourishes the skin. It is also used in production of protective sunscreens.

Aloe vera also intensively nourishes the skin. Greenish aloe gel perfectly moisturizes the skin after sunbathing. Once you open a tube of aloe vera gel you can't store it for long - it dries up quickly.

Tanaka Sandal wood, or "Elephant Apple" is often used in a series of cosmetics for oily skin. Scrubs or powder can be made from Tanaka. Powder mixed with water has golden color, so it is called "golden powder". Cosmetologists often mix this  sandal wood with coconut oil, collagen and aloe vera. As a result, they get a wonderful cream for cleaning and drying the problem oily skin.

The main anti-aging ingredients in Thailand are the rose petals. Therefore oil from petals is a part of almost all rejuvenating cosmetic lines. The products have not only rejuvenating properties, but also a pleasant rose fragrance.

Oil from the fruit of the Shi tree has strong softening effect. For example, shampoos with Shi oil perfectly soften hair.  Face or body creams make the skin soft and slow its aging. Also Shi oil soften rough skin of heels well.

Thai anti-cellulite products, with red pepper and essential oils are also very popular. And maybe it is not pleasant to use these products because of the burning sensation and rich spicy aromas, the effect is worth it. A wide range of natural slimming products is produced by the pharmaceutical company Parinda. For example, complex № 27 Royal black pepper will help to remove subcutaneous fat and accelerate metabolism. A biocomplex № 34 Gluconan contains a plant Konzhak, the properties of which remove toxic substances from the body and lead to weight loss. The complex Spirulina also accelerates the process of metabolism and strengthens immunity.

Where to buy cosmetics in Phuket

Phuket is one of the main resorts in Thailand, so there are many places for shopping including cosmetics shops.

An excellent solution is to buy cosmetics at the pharmacy Parinda. The company has been working for a long time and became a leader in the pharmaceutical market. Here you can buy natural products made of medicinal ingredients of their own production. In addition to cosmetics for the body and hair, here you will find a wide range of unique products for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. The company's products are made on the basis of ancient recipes of Thai healers.

In the cosmetics store VitaMax there is a wide range of products for keeping  skin healthy and beautiful. All products have quality certificates and valid expiration dates. A personal consultant will help you to choose cosmetics that are ideal for solving exactly your problems.

Shopping at JSM Korea is an excellent opportunity to buy unique Korean cosmetics with 100% natural contents. The main goal of JUN SUN MI KOREA is to promote  Eco-products. Here you can buy cosmetics for facial skin care of any type and age or choose something unusual, for example, a cream with snail mucus that delicately minimizes pores and smoothes wrinkles.

At the Snake Farm you can buy skin care products based on red ginseng. Ginseng extract perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles. Here you will find a wide range of cosmetic and medicinal products which include unique snake components.

A full list of cosmetic shops and pharmacies are given at our website.

Popular cosmetics

Some cosmetic manufacturers are very popular due to the quality and efficiency of their products.

For example, the Isme brand has many worthy products that consumers like. But the main asset of the company is herbal massage cream. If you follow the instructions, your skin will become incredibly soft and gentle after the massage. There are also many positive reviews about eye cream with grape extract. The product perfectly eliminates dark circles under the eyes, moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the eyelids.

Snail cream from JSM Korea is also well-known. The cream contains snail mucus, which contributes to the acceleration of skin regeneration. A whole line of cosmetics with this unique component restores the skin and removes inflammation and scars. Also the cream perfectly narrows the pores and removes wrinkles.

VitaMax collagen mask with the addition of live seeds will give your skin a second youth. The mask accelerates the metabolism and fills the skin with collagen which makes it more elastic and smooth. VitaMax pearl powder will help you to become more beautiful. Powder has a matting effect and restores calcium deficiencies in the body.

The brand Point Cosmetic is one of the leaders in hair cosmetics. Quality products of this brand can be found in many professional barber shops and beauty salons.

The most important thing during using Thai cosmetics is not to forget that some exotic ingredients may not fit your skin. Before using, you should test the reaction on small area of ​​the skin.

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Oh yes, I bought a wonderful cream! My face and skin are just as young. Now I want to come and buy more cosmetics.

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