Rules of behavior on the island


Rules of behavior on the island

If you are going to another country, it is better to learn about its customs and laws in advance so as not to get into trouble during the trip. In any case, wherever you go, you should always respect the locals, their values ​​and lifestyle. Let’s find out how tourists should behave in Phuket.

Religion and temples

Most of the Thais profess Buddhism, so Buddha and Buddhist temples are the main shrines which should be treated with great respect. It is strictly forbidden to express negative opinions about the deity and religion in Phuket. It is also forbidden to export any goods with the image of Buddha from Thailand.

When planning to visit the temple, think of your appearance: your clothes should be modest and cover your shoulders and knees. Before entering the temple or house you should take off shoes.

Buddhist monks should be treated with respect: it is strictly forbidden for women to touch them.

The Royal Family and the King of Thailand are also very important for the Thais. Any negative or disrespectful statement about the ruler and his family will entail severe punishment.

Gestures and tactile contacts

In Thailand, it is not customary to touch the head of another person, especially children, as it is the most important and revered part of the body for the Thais. If you want to express sympathy or approval to the locals a word of thanks will be better than hugs.

Here you will notice a special gesture of the Thais called “wai” - this is a bow with hands folded in a certain way. There are several interpretations of such a bow, each has its own meaning. You can get into an awkward situation trying to repeat this gesture.

In the Kingdom, it is not customary to point to objects with your fingers or feet - this may be considered rude.

It is also forbidden to touch female persons here without their permission.

Behavior on the beaches

Despite an active nightlife, Thailand is a rather conservative country, so you can not sunbathe completely naked or topless on the beaches. To do this, it is better to choose the secluded beaches of Phuket, where no one will see you.

Local authorities banned smoking on the coast in order to protect snow-white sand from clogging with cigarette butts.

Other features

It is curious that in Thailand it is not customary to write the names of people with red ink, as only the names of the dead are written in red. If you write the name of a living person in red, it will be considered that you wish him dead.

The Thais are very polite, smiling and friendly people, it is not polite to express your discontent loudly in public places.

Having lunch or dinner with the Thais, remember that locals always share food with each other, so ordering dishes only for yourself will not be polite.

In Thailand you can not use a quadcopter without official permission. All quadcopters must be registered only after that they can be launched.

Of course, at any country you need to be polite and friendly, but not to lose vigilance in public places, so as not to become a victim of scammers. You can read about the main dangers in Phuket here. These simple rules will help you to be a polite tourist and get only a pleasant vacation experience.

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