Waterfalls in Phuket


Phuket is famous throughout the world for its unique natural objects, including exotic plants, animals and numerous waterfalls. Local waterfalls may be not as huge and powerful as in America or Africa, but they are very picturesque. Many travelers want to see this miracle of nature to refresh themselves and get a charge of cheerfulness. A waterfall is an ideal place to hide from the day heat and city bustle. Some tourists prefer to visit waterfalls even with children. In this article we will tell you about the most popular waterfalls in Phuket and how to get there.

Katu Waterfall

Many people believe that Katu is the most beautiful waterfall in Phuket because cascades of flowing water looks amazing. The waterfall is located near the highest point of the island. You can get there from the famous Patong beach, it will take you only a few minutes. Having left your vehicle in the parking lot, you will need to cross the bridge and climb up. Admission to the waterfall is free.

Ao Yon Waterfall

Ao Yon is not very popular among tourists as it is located on a steep rock and it's quite difficult to get to the top of the waterfall. Streams of water flow into several small pools where you can swim. To get to the waterfall you need to go to the western end of Ao Yon beach and about 100 meters from the parking you will see the right path. There is also a shrimp farm nearby

Ton Sai Waterfall

Ton Sai Waterfall continues to attract visitors of Khao Phra Thaeu National Park in the northeastern part of the island. The territory of the park is a green zone and is completely covered with impassable jungle with exotic inhabitants. So it is better to drive to the western edge of the park, where the waterfall is located, the entrance to which costs 200 baht. There is another Bang Pae Waterfall on the opposite side of the park.

Bang Pae Waterfall

The waterfall is situated in the territory of the national park, you will have to pay 200 baht for the entrance. There are a lot of different paths which lead to Bang Pa through fields with pineapples and rubber. There is also a Gibbon Rehabilitation Center nearby. The entrance to the center is free, but donations for the needs of the fund are welcome there. This waterfall is quite popular among the Thais, who gladly come here on weekends to swim and then have lunch at one of the local restaurants.

Ton Prai Waterfall

Perhaps, Ton Prai is one of the largest waterfalls on the island. The waterfall flows by the slope of the cliff 25 meters high and consists of three levels. There is a path nearby which leads to the sources from where you can see a beautiful view of the whole waterfall. During the rainy season Ton Prai is filled with water and becomes quite powerful turning into an impressive sight.

This miracle of nature is located in the territory of Tai Mueang Park, walking along which you can hear the characteristic hiss of boiling water. To get to Ton Prai from Phuket you need to move in the direction of Tai Mueang city and then drive about 6 km towards Ranong city. Along the way you will see the sign "Ton Prai Waterfall", from which about 3-4 kilometers will appear the waterfall. It is better to wear comfortable footwear. The entrance costs 100 baht.

Tam Nang Waterfall

Tam Nang is located in the local national park of Pang Nga province quite far from Phuket. And although the trip is not short, it is a good opportunity to spend an unforgettable time at the waterfall. Tam Nang is famous for its large number of fish which anyone can touch even while swimming.

Anyone wishing to visit the waterfall in Phuket should remember thatroads are often bumpy with blurred paths and stones, so it is better to choose comfortable footwear for the trip. Do not forget that most of the waterfalls are located in the wild jungles, which you need to path only with the guide.

Shirley   (01.05.2020 18:25)
I thought in Phuket you can only swim and sunbathe, but it turns out so much entertainment, and there are still waterfalls. Never seen them before.

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