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Best Things to Do in Phuket


Beautiful nature and a big number of beaches along the island’s coastline makes Phuket an unusually attractive sight. If you want to know Thailand from different angles, you shouldn’t limit yourselves with a beach holiday only. In Phuket you can visit many nice places and go on many exciting tours.

What to see in the city:

The Heroines Monument

The monument to the two sisters is situated at one of the busiest spots in Phuket - roundabout in Thepkasattri Road. The monument commemorates the two sisters who used their wits, sharp minds and bravery to help resist the Burmese army. At that time Phuket didn’t possess a big strong army: most men were not trained to be warriors as they were engaged in fishing, farming and handcrafting. Such poor army couldn’t protect the city from the Burmese enemy. Sisters Thep Krasattri and Si Sun Thon increased the number of soldiers by disguising women in men’s military uniform and having their hair cut short. They also created moulage soldiers and moved them to different location every night.

These actions helped to make the Burmese army retreat on 13 March 1785 and this date is now the date of national victory and liberation.

Near the monument there is Thalang National museum (Thalang is the old name of Phuket) where you can learn more about the history of the island and the events of that war.

Monument sisters

Not very far from the Heroines monument there is Wat Sri Sunthon temple with the biggest statue of lying Buddha in Phuket. The temple is named after one of the sisters.

Wat Chalong temple - a must-visit sight of Phuket

Phuket counts 31 Buddhist temples. The most famous one which is absolutely worth visiting is Wat Chalong temple (Wat Chaithararam). In its territory a monastery and a crematorium were built. In the crematorium they burnt the bodies of deceased people and also elephants because the elephants are holy animals of Thailand. Tourists need to follow the dress-code when visiting this temple - knees and shoulders should be covered with clothes. You can learn more about the requirements and rules here: http://www.wat-chalong-phuket.com/. The entrance is free for everyone. The temple complex is impressive and majestic, a very good place for walks and photo sessions.

Wat Chalong

Phuket Town

Phuket Old Town attracts tourists with its architecture. Phuket town is situated in the center of the island, far from beaches and tourist districts. It is surprising and may seem unbelievable, but you can find a piece of Europe in the very heart of Asia. The architecture of Phuket Town has been preserved since the times of “tin boom”. Back then, tin deposits were discovered on the island and first the European, then the Chinese started arriving to Phuket for tin mining. That is why there are buildings and houses designed in Portugal and French styles. The Chinese had built a Chinatown there. Have a nice walk along the streets of Phuket Town and take unique and unusual photos.

Phuket Town

Phuket itinerary for animal lovers

Elephant trekking and Bang Pae Waterfall tour

Phuket is the best place to meet and make friends with elephants which are the symbol and the live sight of Thailand. There, in elephant villages you can ride elephants, watch a show with them and feed them. In Bang Pae National Park you can go on an elephant trekking tour through caoutchouc plantations and visit the largest waterfall of Phuket - Bang Pae waterfall. You can get there by motorbike, taxi or with a safari tour. This is one of the favourite places of both tourists and locals. The nature here is absolutely beautiful and enchanting. Beside elephants’ nature reserve, in Bang Pae National Park there is also a gibbon rehabilitation center. There stay gibbons that suffered from exploiting by people in tourist business ( for example, taking photos for money with them). Elephant trekking in the nature reserve is very exciting because you will have to pass many steep ascents and descents on your way through the land and water.

Elephant show

Another Elephant village is Chang Kalim which is conveniently situated between Kamala and Patong. There you can ride elephants, watch monkey and elephant shows and visit a viewpoint from where a fascinating sea view opens up.


Nemo Dolphinarium is situated in Chalong, in the south of the island. There you can have fun with your family. Nemo Dolphinarium is open every day, except Mondays. Dolphin and fur seal show starts at 11:00, 14:00 and 17:00. After the show you can swim and dive with dolphins and take memorable photos.

Dolphin Bay

Phuket Zoo

To find out more about Phuket fauna you can go to Phuket Zoo. There you will see monkeys, elephants, bears, tigers, crocodiles and a big variety of birds. The zoo is open daily from 09:00 until 17:30. Show hours:

  • elephant show - 10:30, 13:30, 16:00
  • crocodile show - 09:45, 12:45, 15:15, 15:30
  • monkey show - 09:00, 12:00, 14:30, 16:45.
  • You can get to the zoo by taxi or with a tour group.

    Extreme entertainments in Phuket

    Flying Hanuman


    Among all the sights of the island the most beautiful is its nature. If you love wild nature and extreme adventures, you should try the Flying Hanuman attraction. There are hanging platforms, rope bridges and spiral stairways installed at the level of tree tops in the thick jungles. Experienced instructors will help you move easily from one platform to another just like the gibbons flying through the tropical forest. You will also enjoy the Tarzan Adventure: while crossing the hanging bridges and climbing the spiral stairways you will feel as a real Tarzan in the jungle.

    Advice: we recommend to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that sit tightly on your feet.

    Wake Park

    If you want to feel a rush of adrenaline, you can go to Wake Park in Phuket - one of the best wakeboarding parks in Asia. With the help of a special system of cables and winches you can slide on the water standing on a board or water skis. This sport is suitable for everyone - even for those who hasn’t tried it yet. A school is open at the Wake Park where experienced instructors will teach you the basics of wakeboarding in one day.


    What to see in Phuket in the evening

    FantaSea Show


    Thailand is famous with its bright impressive shows. FantaSea show is among the first places in the list of Phuket top tours. This a national Thai show which tells about the history and culture of the country.

    The show takes place in the territory of a large beautiful park of the same name. Picturesque fountains, cartoon characters, attractions, coffee, souvenir shops, elephants (you can ride an elephant for an extra fee - 1000 THB for 2 people) will entertain you while you are waiting for the beginning of the show.

    The show begins at 21:00 and lasts for about 1 hour. It is possible to get an admission ticket to the show which includes buffet dinner at a big restaurant. The dinner consists of Thai, Indian and European dishes. Seafood is also served.

    Advice: we recommend to get a ticket which includes dinner. It will be more expensive to get a simple ticket and have dinner at one of the restaurants in the park. Both adults and children will enjoy the show. Professional dancers, singers and acrobats take part in the performance. You will also see elements of laser show and fireworks. Trained animals - elephants, goats and roosters - are also the part of the show.

    Transvestite show


    Night shows are an inseparable part of nightlife in Thailand. The most popular are transvestite shows. At Simon and Aphrodite Show you will hear pop songs performed by transvestites. Taking photos and videos during the show is forbidden, however you can take photos with transvestites after the show,

    Bangla Road


    Bangla Road is the center of nightlife in Phuket. This is the busiest tourist place at night with a big number and wide choice of restaurants, bars and night clubs. There you will see transvestites that offer their love to tourists and Thai girls in revealing clothes. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the firsts and the seconds.

    The active life in Bangla Road begins after 19:00 and continues until the sunrise. Shows for adults only are also available there - Wake Up or Ping Pong. Children are not admitted to the shows.


    As was mentioned above, the best sight of Phuket is the island’s beautiful nature and landscapes. Every traveller must see at least one sunset at the Promthep Cape. This is the most southern spot of the island from where you can admire the wonderful view over the Andaman Sea. You can get there by taxi or with a tour group. The best time to travel to the Promthep Cape is 17:00, so that you will have enough time to occupy a comfortable spot. At the cape there are souvenir and fruit shops meant for the tourists in the first place.


    Advice: we recommend to buy fruits at the night markets because at Promthep Cape the prices are much higher. But if you really like something, try to bargain and reduce the price.

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