The most interesting tours in Phuket


So that to make your journey more eventful and interesting, it is better to decide beforehand what excursions to visit in Phuket. Below are given the descriptions of the most unusual and popular places in Phuket, where you can go and have a good time.

Sea trips

The Island of James Bond

Originally, the island of James Bond was called Ko Tapu. Its new "hollywood" name was acquired after shooting another part of the film about the adventures of secret agent 007, which happened on the background of this island. Accordingly, this island with its unusual shape ( in the shape of "column") became famous and very attractive for tourists. The Ko Tapu is too small, it is impossible to land on it, so you can admire it from the neighboring islands Khao Ping Khan, which are now also known as the islands of James Bond.

You can book a trip directly at the website by completing the booking form or by calling the hotline you can use the "call from website" or instant messengers.

The whole visit of the islands will take only 30 minutes. During this time tourists make a memorable photo of Ko Tapu, buy souvenirs on the local markets and walk through the islands.

The islands of Phi Phi

The archipelago consists of 6 islands located in Krabi province. The most visited of them are the largest islands Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le. The way to the archipelago from Phuket by ferry takes about 1.5 hours. Island Phi Don is a tourist "heart" of the archipelago. There you can find everything for good entertainment – gorgeous beaches, luxury hotels, restaurants and bars, souvenir shops. Local residents of the island do not use cars, everyone travels by bike. Island Phi Le is a place with incredible natural landscapes, which are still untouched by civilization. Gorgeous cliffs, mysterious caves, incredible lagoon – all this attracts travelers from around the world.

Island Maithon

A trip to the island Maithon is an opportunity to relax on the beach, enjoying the white sand and clear blue waters. You can admire the unusual inhabitants of the underwater world.

The program lasts for one day ( from 9:00 to 16:00) and includes relaxing on the beach, lunch and exploring the local area.


National Park Khao Sok and Cheo Lan lake

National Park Khao Sok is one of the most beautiful sights in Thailand, which attracts huge number of tourists. It is located in the south of the country, just 130 kilometers from Phuket. One can reach the park by a rented car (2 hours) or by bus (5-7 hours).

Wide area of Khao Sok (about 740 km2) includes many entertainments for the visitors. Except admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature, guests can enjoy a trip through the jungle, elephant trekking, rafting down the river. In park you can see mountains, rocky caves, tropical forest with exotic plants, rivers and lakes. There are also small hotels where you can stay.

Another popular place among visitors and local people is a picturesque lake Cheo Lan, which is located in 10 kilometers from Khao Sok. For those tourists who wish to visit Cheow Lan it is better to plan their trip on weekdays as on weekends and holidays lake attracts residents from all over Thailand.

Evening entertainments

Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit show in Phuket appeared appeared in 2011, before this show was performed only in Bangkok. Siam Niramit will show you ancient traditions, culture and history of Thailand. Gorgeous scenery, bright costumes and surprising special effects (e.g., rain storm, river on the stage, soaring angels) will give you an exciting evening. Before the start of the show, you can walk through a traditional Thai village, which is specially built in the street. Here you can see the life of the Thai people, their crafts and customs.


Evening show Aphrodite has got popularity among millions of visitors just in a few years. This is a very interesting concert with colorful costumes and rhythmic music. The main "highlight" of the presentation is that all the artists on stage are transvestites. Before the concert you can have a few drinks at the bar or take pictures with the artists. Aphrodite show will definitely brighten your night.

Extreme entertainment

Flying Hanuman

"Flying Hanuman," or "Flight of the Gibbon" - a huge adventure Park, which is located deep in the forest thicket. The entire Park consists of 28 pads which are bonded between with durable ropes. Here you will be able to go down the rope ways, spiral staircases and rope descents. Visitors of the Park will get special equipment with safety insurance.


Rafting is heading down a mountain river on inflatable boat. Fans of such entertainment have opportunity to book a special tour which includes transfer to the mountain river Song Phraek in Phang Nga province and draft it with all the necessary equipment. Depending on the level of difficulty and your requests, you can be taken to any place of Song Phraek. Before the rafting, all participants will complete special training, get a helmet and a life jacket. The best season for rafting is from June to November when the river is full-flowing.

Quad Biking

Fans of extreme activities can ride a Quad bike in the real jungle, visit the banana groves and pineapple plantations. Our site has a wide variety of programmes with different duration and stops. For example, there are options for 30, 60 or 90 minutes of riding. You can also choose a complex program that includes biking on ATV 200 CC by impassable roads, snake show and elephant ride.

Good mood, beautiful scenery and lots of beautiful photos – all this will give you Quad Biking.

Sightseeing tours

The most interesting sightseeing tours are actual for tourists who visit the resort for the first time. Phuket is rich in sights, views and exotic places. During the trip you can see the following sights:

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is a beautiful Buddhist temple, to visit which you will have to wear a Cape and no shoes. The abundance of colors and traditional Asian style will delight your eyes.

The big Buddha Temple

The big Buddha Temple is situated on one of the highest points of the city – the top of the mountain Nagakura. The size of the statue is 50 meters high and 25 meters wide, but the construction of the complex still continues. The white statue made of concrete, covered with white marble is visible from all the south beaches, striking by its grandeur. The tour starts from the lower ground of complex with parking and shops with drinks and souvenirs. In addition, there you can see the monument of King Rama and the miraculous bell, which according to the legend, "will sing" under the hand of a man with a pure soul.

Riding elephants

A beautiful walk through the jungle, riding this wonderful animal, stopes by the waterfall where the elephant can get water with its trunk and "refresh" the rider, will bring positive impressions. You can feed these beautiful animals and their children with bananas and make a wonderful photo.

Monkeys show

After feeding the elephants, you should see show of trained monkeys. These clever animals will surprise you with their tricks: they will shake your hands, collect fruits from the trees and place them into the basket, demonstrate the knowledge of arithmetic and skills of swimming in the pool.

Plant of cashew

As Phuket is one of the largest producers of cashews, there are several factories on this island. A trip to the factory means the visit of a special site where guests can see the process of growing and processing cashews. You can touch the trees with nuts, see the special machine for cracking, and buy cashews of all possible tastes at the local market.

Honey factory

It is not a real apiary, but it is a very lovely shop where visitors can try and buy honey of all possible tastes. Next to the store you will see the "huge" bees on the palms which are not alive, but very attractive, so you can take photos with them.

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