5 interesting facts about Thai people


5 interesting facts about Thai people

Basic rule of three “S”

The life of Thai people is ruled by the three “S”: Suay, Sabai and Sanuk. What does it mean?

1. Sabai is a state of inner balance, serenity and harmony. This is a very important moment for all Thais and they spend much time and pay big attention to this state. A Thai man will find some time for rest in any conditions, no matter what he is doing.

2. Sanuk is a physical pleasure, for example, pleasure from delicious food.

Thai people like strong tastes: if it is something sweet, it should be incredibly sweet, if it is a spicy dish, it should be very spicy. One dish can often combine several different distinct tastes. It is common knowledge that Thai food is spicy but not everyone knows that it can be very sweet. It is easy to gain weight despite the fact that there is a lot of healthy food in Thailand. Everyday meals of local people contain: sweet fruits, banana and mango shakes with sugar, rice, tempura chicken, sweet cool drinks - cola, fanta, sprite, coffee and tea with ice.

3. Suay - everything should be nice and beautiful. Thai people like strong tastes and bright colors. They paint their houses in bright green, pink, purple colors, which is very attractive according to their opinion. Such craving for beauty is the basis of the “Suay” rule - beauty in everything.

Thai “Yes” might mean “No”

Thai people can say yes to you not to upset you and not to waste their energy and efforts on explanations. But this “yes” doesn’t mean that they agree with you. This tendency is also common for other nationalities.


If you want a Thai man to like you, compliment him, his house or his work. For example, after a trip in a taxi mention to the driver that the car salon is clean or nicely decorated (Thai people like decorating the inside of their cars with flowers, statuettes, etc.) The driver might be more flexible when bargaining about the price or will help you carry your luggage.


Smiling makes communication with Thai people easier. Some foreigners may seem gloomy to the Thais because they don’t smile much. Just show your friendliness and smile to a Thai man and you will immediately see the effect.

Thai children

Thai kids are as nice as kids of other nationalities. We have got a habit to stroke a child’s head saying nice words to him or her. This won’t be appropriate in respect to Thai children. No one touches anyone’s heads in Thailand - neither kids’ nor adults’.

The land of smiles is a unique country with its unusual customs and traditions. It is always interesting to learn something new about a new culture. It makes your journey full of bright and amazing events.

Thailand is an exotic country. Here we will tell you curious facts about Thai people.

Grace   (30.04.2020 15:20)
I watched the locals all my holidays, they are very funny and kind. Very hospitable country.

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