Thai music in Phuket


Where to listen to good Thai music in Phuket?

Thailand is a musical country where music plays an important part in the life of local people. It is hard to imagine any holiday, event or just weekday without music. So it is almost impossible to learn about Thai culture without listening to folk music. In our article we will tell about the main features of national Thai music and where you can listen to it in Phuket.

History of national Thai music

Modern Thai music has a lot of traditional melodies, which were created many centuries ago. With the help of the songs, the people told about the rich history of their Kingdom to the next generations. The Thais celebrate all important events in their life (birthday, marriage, birth of a baby, etc.) with dances and playing music. Beautiful Thai music combines the melodies of Indian and Chinese songs. The traditional Thai music is characterized by a fast rhythm and a calm melody that is sung by the voice.

Traditional melodies can also be heard in Thai club music and pop music. This melodies give it uniqueness and originality, which conquers the hearts of young people.

Where can I hear Thai music?

In fact, it is almost impossible to visit Thailand and not hear local music, as it plays everywhere. Traditional national music plays on every Thai show in any theater. Before each Thai boxing fight the boxer performs a ceremonial dance to national music in honor of his teacher. Of course, you can also enjoy live music of Thai musicians in any good restaurant with national cuisine.

Restaurants with live music in Phuket

• Red Hot Bar is a great place to listen to the best Thai pop music or watch sport events on huge TVs. Loud music, delicious food at affordable prices and a chic bar are the main advantages of the Red Hot bar. The bar is located on the main street of Patong District opposite Hard Rock Café. Red Hot Bar is open from 12.00 until late evening, the musicians start the concert at 8 pm.

• Hard Rock Cafe is a nice place where you can listen to rock and roll played by Thai musicians and enjoy Western dishes. The bar is located on Rat-U-Thit in Patong, open from 11 am to 2 am.

• Rock City Bar is another place to go to listen to hard rock and heavy metal tracks performed by Thai bands. Here you will find a magical mix of drive, fun and music. The club is located opposite Bangla Road on Rat-U-Thit Street.

• Rockin Angels Blues Cafe is a place for those who love the blues and want to enjoy the live music of professional musicians. The interior of the bar is dedicated to the American theme: red brick walls, vinyl records and popular beer brands will take you to the United States for a couple of hours. The bar is located on Yaowarat Road in Phuket Town.

• The nightclub Tai Pan is famous not only for its excellent live music, but also for its constant raffle of valuable prizes among visitors. The club is located on Rat-U-Thit Road, near Soi Bangla.

Your vacation in Phuket will surely be accompanied by melodies of Thai music, which will leave bright memories of your vacation. Peaceful tunes of national songs will surely touch your heart and give you a good mood.

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