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Thai massage and massage schools in Phuket


Where to learn Thai massage in Thailand?

During your holidays in Thailand you should definitely go for a Thai massage, which is famous all over the world.

Thai massage is an ancient healing technique with the usage of manipulations and implying pressure on certain points on the human body. Many people after Thai massage feel so refreshed and full of energy that they also want to learn this technique. Those people who learn special skills of Thai massage, can use their skills for good earnings. Fortunately, there are a lot of massage schools and courses in Thailand, such as ITM school, Old Medicine Hospital School and many others. After graduating from Thai massage school and successfully passing the exam, you will receive a certificate of international standard, which will be quoted in many countries. In our article we will tell about the best massage schools in Phuket and in Thailand.

Famous massage schools in Thailand

All massage schools in Thailand can be divided according to their location: the northern and southern schools.

The school at the Wat Po temple in Bangkok is the most famous southern school. There are courses for beginners and professionals with different levels of learning. Classes are held every day from early morning to lunch. The cost of courses for beginners starts from 9,000 baht, for professionals - from 16,000 baht. Northern schools are located in Chiang Mai. Old Medicine Hospital School is the oldest Thai massage school, which was the only one many years ago. Most of the massage therapists, who teach in other schools, studied here.

Now the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai (TMS) is the largest northern school, its teachers constantly study effects of Thai massage. All school teachers have medical education and the certificate of this training center is quoted in almost all countries of the world. The International Thai Massage School is another popular massage school, where in addition to massage techniques you can learn the basics of spa care and cosmetology.

Massage courses in Phuket

There are a lot of Thai massage salons in Phuket, where you can enjoy the massage and learn its basics. Small schools at salons teach only beginners and courses last only a few days. Of course, such knowledge will not be enough for professionals. Those who want to learn Thai massage in Phuket and get a diploma should visit special schools. For example, the Suai Thai Massage School has a good reputation. The school is located in Chalong District. There you can learn the basics of massage and yoga. The school also has courses of different levels of training: from beginners to professionals.

The Phuket School of Massage in Phuket Town also offers different training programs at different prices. Foreigners at massage schools are taught in English. After graduating from school and getting a diploma, many specialists improve their skills during individual lessons with well-known great masters. Masters can share some special secrets of massage, which cannot be found in school textbooks.

The Thai massage technique was formed more than 2000 years ago and all this time it has been improved with new elements. Thai massage by a qualified specialist can really have a strong effect on your health. Real masters can devote many years to studying Thai massage technique and even their whole life.

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