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Summer holiday in Phuket


Summer in Phuket

Due to favourable geographical position, there is tropical climate and eternal summer in Thailand. There are two seasons on the island - wet and dry. The dry season lasts from November to April. During this period the bright sun always shines and there is a peak of tourist activity.

The rainy season lasts from May to October. At this time it is usually cloudy and rainy. Strong winds start blowing and the sea is very stormy. The tourist season ends, but there are still some brave travelers who go to Phuket in summer to have more secluded rest. In our article we will tell you about the weather and entertainments in Phuket in summer.

Weather in Phuket in summer

Despite the fact that the rainy season lasts during the summer months, the weather in Phuket in June is quite hot. The air temperature averages from +30 and above, the water temperature is +29. There may be short-term rains in June and the sea begins to storm. Phuket is famous for its rather unpredictable weather in July. In every season it is completely different. For example, in one year the sea is calm and rains don’t fall very often and next year there may be strong storms and daily showers. So, it is impossible to predict the weather in July 2018.

In August the weather also varies. One day it can be sunny and the next day it can be windy and rainy. Only the high air temperature remains unchanged: + 30-32 during the day and + 28-29 at night. The water in the sea is very warm, the water temperature is +29.

Summer entertainments in Phuket

Although it is the rainy season on the island, sunny days can happen quite often and tourists will have an opportunity to sunbathe on the beaches. The sea is not stormy on the Nai Yang Beach, Panwa Beach and Nai Harn Beach. You can also visit Krabi Bay and Phang Nga. Don’t forget that the sun is very strong in summer and the sunrays affect the skin even through the clouds, so you should definitely use sunscreen.

The monsoon season in Phuket is a great time to surf. Waves in the Andaman Sea can be up to 2 meters and higher. The highest waves are usually on the West coast of the island. Surfing such waves is a very dangerous entertainment for beginners, so it's better to get some lessons in one of the local surfing schools beforehand.

A stormy sea is not a reason to get upset because you can always swim and relax in the Splash Jungle Water Park. The huge territory of the park is divided into several thematic zones with a lot of water attractions, which are suitable for families with children and for extreme pastime.

One of the advantages of the rainy season is that the local plants are poured with water and become bright green. You can admire the exotic flora and make beautiful photos in Khao Sok National Park.

Bad weather is a good reason to learn something about Buddhism and to admire the beautiful ancient architecture in the local majestic temples. A trip to the Old Town, a visit to the Mining Museum or Thai Hua will dip you into the centuries-old history of Phuket. Huge modern shopping centers or small exotic shops will make your shopping unforgettable in all weather conditions. You can see the most interesting sights of the island in one day during a sightseeing tour in Phuket. You will learn a lot of new things and get unforgettable impressions visiting famous temples, elephants and monkeys show, cashews and bees farms and other unusual places. Everyone will be able to choose a tour to their liking from a large number of variants presented at the website.

So, summer holidays in Phuket have not only disadvantages due to the weather, but also some advantages. Because of the decline in tourism activity prices are significantly lower and a wide variety of tours will allow you to spend an exciting time regardless of the weather.

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