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Re-entry Permit in Phuket


How to get a Re-entry Permit in Phuket?

Going to Thailand, you should not forget that you are going to another country with its laws and immigration regulations. Citizens of most countries will need a visa to visit the Kingdom, which has a time limit. A tourist visa can be single entry or multiple entry, which means permission for one entry or several. There are different rules for entry into Thailand for residents of different countries. A visa can be made at your country at the Thai embassy or you can use the services at our website, when already in Thailand. If you plan to stay in the Kingdom for a long time, we recommend you to study the question: how to get re-entry permit for tourist visa in Thailand.

If you leave Thailand ahead of time having a single visa, its term expires. However, quite often tourists want to visit neighboring countries during their staying in Thailand and come back here again. In this case, you need to get a re-entry stamp in Thailand to save your valid visa.

What is a re-entry permit?

Re-entry permit in Thailand is a stamp in your passport which allows you to leave the country and return without canceling your single entry visa. This stamp will allow you to save money and not to pay for a multiple entry visa. Don’t forget that re-entry in Thailand does not extend the duration of your visa and the expiration date of its validity is indicated on the stamp. For example, if you have 20 days left of your visa term, then you spend 5 days abroad and return to Thailand, then your visa is valid for the remaining 15 days.

Re-entry permit can be single or multiple. Single allows you to go and return once, multiple re-entry permit in Thailand allows travelling several times. Even if you put a single stamp, use it and plan to leave again, you can simply get another stamp, there are no restrictions on the number of Re-entry permits.

How to get a re-entry permit?

To obtain a stamp, you must contact the immigration office. You should have the following documents with you:

Completed re-entry form in Thailand

Your foreign passport and its copy (which is valid for at least 6 months)

Migration card and its copy

Color photo 4 * 6 cm

Pay 1000 THB for a single or 3800 THB for a multiple re-entry permit

If you have another type of visa (Non-immigrant, Ed, etc.), you may need additional documents to get a re-entry permit. For example, travelers with a student visa need to obtain a permission from their school.

Where can I get a re-entry permit in Phuket?

There are two active immigration offices in Phuket: in Phuket Town and in Patong.

Phuket Town Immigration Office is located on the Phuket Road 482.

Patong immigration office is located on Patong Beach Branch, Beach Road opposite Surf House.

You can also try to make re-entry permit at Phuket Airport. But it is hard to predict how long the paperwork will take and whether the office will be open.

Re-entry permit is an excellent solution for those who want to visit several countries during their holidays in Thailand and abide with the immigration rules. Making a re-entry stamp will allow you to travel to other countries and return again to Thailand without opening a multi visa.

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