Popular nightclubs in Phuket


Popular nightclubs in Phuket

At sunset the most famous streets of Phuket are illuminated by multi-colored lights and are filled with crowds of tourists who are looking for entertainments. Night Phuket is striking with a wide variety of different nightclubs, each has its own specifics. Most of the clubs are situated in the popular Patong District. Phuket's nightlife is as rich as in other resorts in Thailand, local nightclubs don’t differ from the best European clubs. We will describe the most popular of them in our article.

Seduction Nightclub

This three-story nightclub in Bangla Road is considered to be the most famous club of the resort. There is a bar and a dance floor on each floor of the club. Here you can listen to famous DJs from Europe and Asia, and there is a "beach party" every Wednesday. The club is popular mainly among tourists, it is almost impossible to meet local residents here. The main party begins closer to midnight. The club is open from 10 pm to 2 am, entrance is free, but you must order a drink.

Tiger Nightclub

Tiger Club is also located in Bangla Road. The club looks like a large cave, inside there are two floors with a bar and a dance floor. Here you can listen to popular European DJs or live music performed by local musicians. There are always a lot of visitors in the club, most of them are foreigners. For men the entrance is 200 baht (including one cocktail), for women the entrance is free.

Famous Nightclub

Famous Nightclub is located on the third floor of the JungCeylon shopping center and there is a huge pool on the fourth floor. The club often hosts concerts of popular artists from different countries. You have to pay for the entrance or you need to have an invitation.

Hollywood Nightclub

This club is also located in Bangla Road and is famous for its high level of security. Security guards of the club inspect all guests at the entrance and take away food, drinks and dangerous things. The guard asks visitors to show passport to make sure of their age. There are two halls in the club. There is a dance floor with installed poles in the first hall, where beautiful girls perform their dances. Small tables stand next to the dance floor behind which you can drink and enjoy the performances of dancers. In the second room there is an ordinary disco where visitors dance to popular hits by Thai DJs.

The main feature of the club is regular raffles among visitors of valuable gifts (home appliances, tours, motorbikes, etc.). Administrators can throw small souvenirs directly into the dancing crowd: bright balls, T-shirts, caps and other things. Hollywood Club became famous for its gorgeous latrines with TVs and cute girls which offer towels for your hands. The entrance to the club is free, but you need to buy at least one cocktail.

Illusion Nightclub

If you are interested not only in dancing, but also in entertainment shows, Illusion Club is waiting for you. Here you can have a great time while watching a theatrical performance with circus elements. In addition to a rich show program, the club has a large dance floor where you can have fun with music from 10.30 pm to 6 am.

Sofa Nightclub

If you want to see how the local people relax, you should visit Sofa Club in Phuket Town. On weekdays the Thais are busy with work or study and they do not have free time to entertain, so the biggest parties take place on Saturdays. On the first floor of the club there is a dance floor and a bar, on the second floor there are tables and live music. The club is open from 10 pm until 2 am.

As you can see, there is an active nightlife in Phuket. If you spend your evening at any of the nightclubs at least once, you will want to come back again for sure.

Bruce   (30.04.2020 10:36)
We rested in a big company and walked and danced a lot. The night is always fun, many discos and good restaurants.

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