Phuket prices


Phuket prices

Before going to Phuket, many people start learning about the price level on this paradise island. And although in comparison with Pattaya or Bangkok, Phuket is the most expensive resort of the Kingdom, the prices for food and clothing here are quite reasonable. Experienced travelers advise not to take a lot of summer clothes with you, as local clothes prices will allow you to enrich your wardrobe.

On the island, as well as throughout Thailand prices for air tickets and housing increase significantly during the tourist season, and during the low season (rainy season) a holiday will be much cheaper. So, if your budget is limited, it is better to plan your trip for the summer or September-October. Despite the possible periodic rains, you will spend an unforgettable time in Phuket.

Food prices

If we talk about lunch or dinner in a good restaurant, then be prepared to spend about 30-50 dollars for two people. The more luxurious the interior is and the closer the coastline is, the higher the prices are. You can also have tasty lunch in more modest cafes for local residents. Perhaps, the interior and service can be worse, but prices are much more affordable: the cost of one dish rarely exceeds 2 dollars. One more budget and interesting way to try the local cuisine is to visit the so-called "machoonies" (food stalls) on the markets or in crowded places. There is a large selection of national dishes with seafood, vegetables, fruits, and many others which cost 1-2 dollars per serving.

Those who rented apartments with kitchens, can save their money and buy products at markets or in large supermarkets. For example, a liter of milk in a supermarket costs 1,35 dollars, a kilogram of chicken fillet – 3,5 dollars, a dozen eggs – 1 dollar. Vegetable prices are also quite affordable: a kilogram of tomatoes is sold for 0,75 dollars, cucumbers for 1,2 dollars, potatoes for 1,5 dollars. The prices for fruits are: papaya – 0,75 dollars per kilogram, mangosteen and mango – 2 dollars, lychee – 1,8 dollars, grapes – 3,3 dollars. The main delicacies of the island - the freshest seafood is also quite affordable: prices for various types of fish start from 1,4 dollars, squid fillet costs 2,25 dollars and prices for large shrimps start from 6,7 dollars.

Clothes prices

Those who prefer branded clothing should visit large shopping centers (for example, Central Festival). Prices in boutiques are more or less the same as in European countries: jeans from 60 dollars, sneakers from 90 dollars, summer dress from 35 dollars.

Thai clothing manufacturers are also known for their good quality. Their goods are sold in large supermarkets and markets. Light summer shirt or pants cost about 6-7 dollars, jerseys, shorts or flip flops - 3-5 dollars and prices for children's clothes start from 1-2 dollars.

Despite the fact that Phuket is a resort for a luxury holiday with an excellent service, the prices for food and clothing here are quite affordable for many tourists.

Bernard   (28.04.2020 13:36)
We are very glad that we visited Phuket, you have a good company with good prices. We were very pleased to order from you. Thanks you.

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