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New Year in Thailand


How the New Year holidays are celebrated in Thailand?

Christmas and New Year are perhaps the most beloved and long-awaited holidays in the whole world. Many people prefer to celebrate these holidays in warm exotic countries, for example, in Thailand. Palm trees instead of Christmas trees, the sun and sand instead of snow and frost attract tourists from different countries.

Features of the Christmas holidays in Thailand

New Year in Thailand is celebrated three times a year: according to the Buddhist, according to the Chinese and according to the European calendar. During the European Christmas holidays, the streets of the Kingdom are decorated with Christmas trees and colorful lights. The Thais celebrate New Year with the whole family at a festive dinner and after the midnight have fun at night clubs or discos and launch fireworks. The next morning the locals go to the temples to offer gifts to the monks and then visit their friends or relatives. The most popular New Year presents are oranges and talismans.

Those who plan to celebrate New Year and Christmas in Thailand should remember about a big number of tourists . During this period, prices for hotels and air tickets are increasing and in order to save money, it is better to book a room in advance, in early autumn. If you book a hotel, you should clarify whether the gala dinner and entertainment program is included in the price or you will have to pay a certain sum. On holidays, prices in restaurants and cafes are also quite high, so be ready to spend money.

Where to celebrate holidays in Phuket?

Phuket has plenty of places to celebrate the holidays. On New Year's Eve, various beach parties with popular DJs and lively music are held on the island. Restaurants and cafes organize various theme evenings dedicated to different countries. You can arrange a tour of several nightclubs and bars, each of which will have its own special atmosphere. You can also celebrate the New Year at the hotel, where there will be a festive party with an entertainment program. Celebrating New Year and Christmas in Thailand is a great opportunity to add new exotic impressions to traditional holidays.

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