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Myths about Thai massage


Myths about Thai massage

Myth 1

This is an erotic show rather than a healing treatment.

This is not true! The art of massage has existed in Thailand for more than 2500 years. Originally, the “entertaining package” was invented for American soldiers in the middle of the 20th century.

Myth 2

Only Thai people do Thai massage

Of course, it would be extremely difficult to find a highly-trained and qualified massage therapist from Auckland in Phuket.

The art of Thai massage has been practised beyond the Kingdom’s borders for a long time and today you can meet Indian as well as Slavic massage professionals in the streets of Phuket.

Myth 3

I am on holiday. I can have massage every day.

Any kind of massage is a hard experience for muscles and body on the whole and Thai massage is not an exception. You can not get it every day without medical recommendations. Another option - spa salons. Spa in Phuket is literally a perfection!

Myth 4

Thai massage is good only for your back.

It is not a secret that all therapists have their own methodics. The idea of Thai massage is a full recovery of the organism. The body is worked over from the top of the head to the toes - not its muscles but the energetic channels and biologically active points. Thai people believe that a body has 10 channels where the vital energy of a human circulates. The goal of the therapist is to clean this energy.

Myth 5

The stronger the massage therapist is the better the massage will be.

If you still believe in this, then you have never experienced a massage performed by a 40-kg Thai woman. And you have never felt them setting vertebrae and joints. The Thais are real professionals in working with gravitation, balance and exploiting their own weight. So, in this case skills are more important than strength.

Ok, now you are armed. And you can go on these lovely adventures! We recommend to book free transferto the best SPA in Phuket and enjoy Thai massage.

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