9 myths about diving


9 myths about diving: find the truth here!

Myth 1. Diving is a sport and to do it you must be a professional swimmer and physically fit

In fact, recreational diving is a leisure activity which doesn’t require special sports qualifications. Being able to swim and being healthy is enough. What is necessary is to be in good mood and share it with others.

Myth 2. When you dive, your ears get popped. I won’t be able to do it

We send you to the best diving instructors in Phuket. Of course, they will explain all details to you and you will learn how to unpop your ears in the right way to even the external and internal pressure - if you do it correctly, it is absolutely painless. You should start unpopping your ears as soon as your ears touch the water by swallowing and yawning or blow out the air holding your nose tightly. It is important: do not dive with a stuffed-up nose as the snot might block the sinuses when unpopping ears.

Myth 3. It is not necessary to learn to dive. You can learn to dive by yourself

This is like learning to drive a bicycle in theory only - it is difficult in reality. Practice in the open water is strongly recommended and it is better to do it with a certified diving instructor by your side. You have the right to rent scuba diving equipment and dive with a diving instructor or a buddy-partner. Solo-diving is dangerous and requires special training. Solo-diving is forbidden in most countries.

Myth 4. Divers breathe with oxygen

Mmm, actually, no. They breathe with normal air compressed in a diving cylinder. You should breathe normally when being underwater, not holding your breath while going up to the surface.

Myth 5. The underwater world is dangerous. I will be attacked by sharks

The underwater world is much safer than driving a car. There is a strict rule: Never touch anything underwater and follow all the safety precautions. If you remember and abide with this rule, it is unlikely that something bad will happen to you. Sea creatures are usually afraid of divers. The fish learnt long time ago that everything that is bright is poisonous. So, you just shouldn’t touch anything :)

Myth 6. If you tighten the mask, the water won’t soak inside

A strongly tightened mask can leave marks and can even bruise your face. When you are going down underwater, the pressure is increasing and you need to even it under the mask with slight nose exhales into the mask. To know how to take off, put on and clear a scuba mask underwater is an obligatory skill.

Myth 7. What do I do if I need to use a toilet underwater?


The diving session usually lasts from 40 to 60 minutes. And before diving, you definitely should use a toilet. Diver’s joke: “Better not pee in your diving suit”. No way!

Myth 8. Diving is scary and dangerous. All divers are rich and brave people

One more marine joke: There are old and brave divers. There aren’t any old and brave ones. Actually, no. Diving is like riding a bike. You need to take a diving course and you will learn to dive. Then you will get more and more experience with each dive. Children from 5 years old can dive. Diving is good for men and women of any age. And it is quite affordable, check the prices here.

Myth 9. Diving always means deep diving

Recreational diving is diving not deeper than 40 m. All beautiful plants and creatures in tropical seas are usually 10-15 m deep. It is not necessary to dive very deep.

We hope, that you liked our article and learnt something new from it. Our message is: fear is not an excuse not to do something you have never tried before. May the number of your dives be always equal to the number of your emergences on the surface (yes, one more diving joke)! Enjoy your diving experience!

Nui   (26.04.2020 16:04)
I am not an athlete and now I will definitely try diving. I used to be afraid to dive, but you reassured me.

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