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Divanation and Magic in Thailand


Magic rituals and shamans in Phuket

It is common knowledge that Thailand is quite a popular tourist destination and a civilized country, but religion, mysticism and superstition still play an important role in everyday life. Divinations and magic in Thailand are still very popular not only among uneducated residents from small towns and villages, but also among wealthy and influential persons. For example, there is a certain number of brahmans, shamans and soothsayers at the court of His Majesty. Unlike Europeans, in any difficult situation each Thaiman will turn to a shaman for help in the first place. Various rituals, amulets, voodoo dolls and the magic herbs are important aspects of the daily life of the Thais. In our article we will tell more details about magic rituals and ceremonies which are used in the Kingdom.

Spirits and ghosts

Everyone who visited Thailand could notice small houses for spirits in front of each building. Moreover, these houses are not only near the poor huts, but also next to wealthy mansions. The Thais leave various offerings for spirits in front of these “mini-altars”: flowers, coins, chopsticks with incense, etc. The residents of the Kingdom believe that the spirits affect their lives and the fate of a person depends on their favor.

Spirits or ghosts are the souls of the dead who once lived on Earth. Spirits can be good and bad. Evil spirits are the souls of suddenly dead people who were not ready for death, for example, as a result of a catastrophe or murder. Shamans call evil spirits to help in their rituals of black magic in order to harm or damage their enemy.

One of the most important magical events in Thailand is the Vegetarian Festival. The culmination of this festival is the procession of people who have pierced various parts of their bodies with bayonets. Thus, hurting themselves, the locals believe that they scare away evil spirits.

There are other ways to protect yourself from evil spirits such as special amulets and magic tattoos.

Sak Yant Tattoos

Applying special tattoos is one of the most popular ways to protect yourself from the evil spirits. Tattoos can also give their owner special abilities, for example, health, luck, courage and many others. Representatives of dangerous professions (police, soldiers, rescuers, etc.) often put tattoos on their bodies with prayers and spells which protect them from harm.

Sak Yant is considered to be the most popular magic tattoo. This tattoo is applied by masters in Buddhist temples. They read a prayer while drawing the tattoo. Anyone can apply this tattoo and many tourists can discover the world of Thai magic in this way.

Amulet Market in Phuket

As the Thais seriously fear the effects of evil spirits, the amulet is an essential attribute of their daily life. For tourists, amulets and other figures are just unusual souvenirs from the island. In any case, if you have some free time, you can visit Amulet market and buy something unusual.

The market is located in the center of the island between Phang Nga and Seedling streets. When you reach the place, you will see about two dozens of street tents with various amulets, figurines and talismans. Friendly sellers will gladly show you their goods and tell you about the meaning of each talisman.

Sacred symbols and amulets can be also bought in Buddhist temples of Phuket.

If you want to visit a mage in Phuket, we advise you to be vigilant, as there are many scammers which can cheat tourists for profit. Remember that the real Thai soothsayers and shamans live and perform their rituals mainly in monasteries or temples. It is up to you whether to believe their predictions or not. Anyway, a visit to a Thai shaman will be an interesting experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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