Learning to meditate in Phuket is easy!


Learning to meditate in Phuket is easy!

According to the Buddha’s teachings, meditation is one of the main ways to achieve nirvana. It is also a great way to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and reach an inner balance. That is why the monks in Buddhist temples and the Thais meditate regularly. There are a lot of different meditation techniques such as sitting meditation, walking meditation, chanting (singing songs) and many others. Buddhist monks mostly practice the sati meditation so that to feel and control each movement and change in the body (every inhalation and exhalation).

You can really learn this technique only in a temple. Living at the temple and learning meditation are often free, but the students can leave donations to thank the monks. It is quite difficult to find good teachers who teach sati-meditation in English, but you can do it at the Suan-Mokh Temple, which is located about 300 kilometers away from Phuket. There is a special breathing control (anapanasati) and meditation courses which are held for foreigners every month.

If you want to learn meditation to solve your psychological problems, you should visit one of the retreat centers in Phuket.

Retreats in Phuket

Retreats are especially popular among tourists. Retreat often includes a complex of meditations, yoga and other activities which will help to forget about the problems of everyday life and to find the inner balance. Retreat means work on one’s body and mind without deep philosophical reflection. Meditation, discipline, proper nutrition and special exercises will help to renew your mind and body.

For example, you can take a break from the city rush at the CC’s Hideaway Hotel, which is located in a quiet place on a small hill with a beautiful view of the Andaman Sea. Retreat at this hotel includes meditation sessions, yoga asanas, mantras, proper nutrition and aqua yoga in the pool. Hotel guests can have individual training or attend group trainings, choose convenient time for training, decide which wellness programs to choose and express their preferences in the menu.

The Life Energy Retreat center offers accommodation in a luxury villa with the "all inclusive" system. Guests of the center meditate, do yoga and follow a vegetarian diet. You will also have a lot of time to visit the sights of Phuket.

In Atsumi Retreat Healing, you can choose a retreat from a variety of programs with different levels of training. This is the best place to recover from severe stress or psychological shocks. Meditation, massage, yoga, ripe fruits and herbal baths will make you a new person in a few days.

The Dharana Phuket Meditation Center is the most famous center where you can learn Thai meditation. Here you will find balance with yourself and the outside world. The basics of ancient Buddhist philosophy, vegetarian food, yoga, training, excursions, relaxing in the sauna and swimming pool will help you to find inner harmony.

As you can see, spiritual tourism and meditation in Thailand is a unique opportunity to have unforgettable time with benefits for the body and mind. After visiting one of the retreat centers in Phuket, you will open yourself from the new side and find new like-minded friends. Even the nature of the island (jungles, white beaches, the sea, the sun and clean air) helps to concentrate on your feelings and find harmony.

Jada   (28.04.2020 14:49)
I was in Phuket and saw many temples and monks, tried to meditate. Such good feelings.

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