Interesting facts about King Rama IX Park


Interesting facts about King Rama IX Park

Despite the beautiful nature and a large number of beaches, there are not so many places in Phuket where you could just walk without crowds of tourists. Fortunately, King Rama IX Park was built on the island . It is a nice place where you can breathe fresh air or do sport. In our article we will tell where King Rama IX Park is located and what you can do there.

Beautiful landscapes

Royal Park in Phuket amazes with its beautiful landscapes and numerous ponds. The total area of the park is more than 1 sq. km. In the center of the park you can see a picturesque pond and several fountains around. There are benches and gazebos all over the park, where you can enjoy reading a book or just stay alone with your thoughts. Numerous tall trees will give coolness and will hide in their shadow even from the strongest heat. Families with children can visit two playgrounds with a variety of slides and swings.

Curiously, this is not the only King Rama 9 Park in Thailand: there is a park of the same name in Bangkok. The entrance to the park is free.

Great place for sports

The main idea of the park's creators is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and active holidays. There are ideal conditions for doing sports in the park. Around the perimeter of the park runs a 4-kilometer cycle lane with convenient kilometre marking. There are also many wide alleys which are suitable for jogging, roller skating or skateboarding.

Here you can find many trainers and sport grounds. As planned by the designers, these sports constructions are not only training apparatus, but also the sights of modern art.

All crossbars and sports complexes are suitable for sports fans of different ages and even for beginners. Professional athletes can visit local fitness center with the necessary equipment.

Here you can see young people doing sports, groups of old men practicing yoga or girls doing aerobics. There are many sport grounds in the park where you can play basketball, football or volleyball with friends.

The creators of the park did their best to show the benefits of outdoor activities to every visitor. So, here it is impossible not to try to climb on a crossbar, even if you came just to walk.

If you plan to visit the park with friends or children, you should bring a ball, bicycles, scooters or any sport equipment that you have.

How to get to the park

King Rama IX Park is located between the Chaof West Street and the Chaof East Street near the popular Night Market. Locals also call this park Suan Luang.

You can come to the park on a rented vehicle or by taxi.

Moving from Phuket Town, you should drive along Bangla Road, then turn into Wyrant Hong Yok and you will see the park on the left.

If you drive from the Central Festival shopping center, you need to drive about a kilometer in the direction of Rawai Beach. When you reach the big road intersection, you need to turn left. There you will see the Night Market and Royal Park opposite.

So, if you spend your vacation in Phuket and you want to go for a walk or do some sports, you should visit King Rama IX Park. Beautiful landscapes, fresh air and pleasant coolness will give you a charge of cheerfulness for several days.

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Articles are great. People have written a lot about Phuket, but I am reading new information about which I have not heard. Well done.

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