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How to move to Phuket?


How to move to Phuket if you fell in love with this island?

Beautiful nature, warm tropical climate, friendly people and affordable prices in Thailand attract tourists from all over the world. It is not surprising that after spending their holidays in this paradise, many people think about moving to Thailand. How to move to Thailand and what procedures you have to go through, we will tell in our article.

Ways to move to Phuket

According to the Thai law, a foreigner has really no opportunity to become a citizen, but there are many ways to get a long-term visa, which you can extend. There are several official ways to get a long-term visa in Phuket:

  • official employment;
  • own business or investment;
  • family relationships;
  • education;
  • retirement visa;

  • Let's learn about each variant in more detail.

    Employment of foreigners in Thailand

    The law of the Kingdom rather tightly limits the area for employment of non-residents. Representatives of other countries can be hired as teachers, educators and highly qualified specialists, that lack among the locals (engineers, programmers and others). In order to find a job in Thailand, in most cases you will need knowledge of the English language. Moreover, the search for a potential employer should be done before you move to Thailand, as you will need a package of documents to get a work visa. There are also some special agencies which help to find an employer in Thailand. But many of these offices may be fraudsters, so before cooperation you should study reviews about the company. A work visa lasts for one year and then it can be extended.

    Business and investment

    The island has quite comfortable conditions for small business, so many foreigners invest their capital in the economy of the Kingdom. However, a foreigner can not be the only owner of the business, according to the law, 51% of shares must belong to a Thai citizen. That is why, foreigners look for partners among local residents and start a small business with a small budget in order to check their partner. Business visa is valid for 1 year, then, if the business is profitable, it can be extended.

    If you invest a large sum in the economy of the country (from 40 million baht), you will have an opportunity to get a long-term visa, the possibility of full ownership of the business, permission to buy land and tax exemption for several years.

    Family relationships

    It often happens that during a vacation the traveler meets his love and remains here to build his family. If a woman from another country marries a resident, she can become a citizen of Thailand. If a man wants to marry a woman from Thailand, he must confirm his financial stability(an official salary of 40 thousand baht or a bank account of 400 thousand baht) and to live in marriage at least 12 years in order to become a citizen. Some agencies advertise the services of fake marriage in popular resorts. You should remember that such acts can lead to a large fine and deportation.

    There is also a family visa in Thailand, which is issued in two cases:

    • Your spouse officially works in Thailand or is engaged in business.

    • Your child is studying at an international school in the Kingdom.

    Education in Thailand is rather good. A child can receive an American diploma and continue studying in the world's prestigious universities.

    Education in Thailand

    The easiest and most affordable way to move to Thailand is to study. It is not necessary to study at a university or graduate school, you can just visit any training courses. The courses of English and Thai languages, Thai massage, cooking and even Thai boxing are the most popular among foreigners. A student visa lasts 3 months and it can be extended at the immigration office. There are no limitations on the number of courses, so you can study as long as you like.

    Retirement in Thailand

    To retire and move to Thailand is a common practice among citizens of the USA and Europe. To do this, you must reach the age of 50 years and have a bank account with more than 800 thousand baht. Pensioners, who can afford such pleasure, move to Thailand to enjoy the sea climate and to visit the wellness treatments at the spa.

    As you can see, there are many ways to move to Phuket officially. Thailand is an amazing place where you can not be afraid to stay alone, as there are quite a lot of emigrants from different countries.

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