Hanuman World in Phuket


Hanuman World in Phuket

Fans of extreme activities will always find what to do in Phuket. The island has many different types of extreme entertainments, including quad biking, wakeboarding, rafting and rope parks. Rope parks are very popular in Thailand due to the beautiful nature of the Kingdom. Many tourists like traveling through the wild jungle with the help of ropes. Hanuman World is the largest and most popular zipline on the island, which was significantly expanded recently. In our article we'll tell about main attractions of the park and how to get there.

God Hanuman

Hanuman World got its name in honor of the God with the look of the monkey. Hanuman was fearless and smart leader of the Vanara army. His father gave him a divine gift to fly fast. Hanuman could easily overcome huge distances flying from one point to another. The legend says that one day the young god managed to fly across the ocean. Hanuman had pushed off the mountain to make his leap, the mountain went underwater. Each visitor of the Hanuman World Park can feel like a god with super power and easily conquer the tops of the jungles using ropes and special equipment.

A tour to Hanuman World

Friends' companies and family couples can have a great time in Hanuman World. There are a lot of rope attractions in the park such as vertical descends, sky bridges, spiral stairways and ziplines. The park is located in the wild jungle and all platforms are connected to each other in a huge labyrinth. Guests of the complex can try a new unique entertainment - the high-speed Roller Zipline. There is a new sky walk above the ground from which opens a picturesque view of the jungle. You can also have a delicious lunch at the local restaurant with nice interior.

You should book a tour to visit the Hanuman World Park. To do this you need to choose a suitable tour program which differs in the complexity of the route, the time it takes (from 1 hour to 3.5 hours) and the price. You can find the detailed description of programs at our website. You just need to fill in the booking form and you can be sure that you have chosen a high-quality tour at the best price.

Tips for visiting the park

Going on a tour to Hanuman World, you should take care of comfortable shoes and clothes. The shoes should fit tightly on your leg. Do not forget that visiting the park and passing rides is strictly prohibited for pregnant women and children under 4 years old. There are also restrictions on weight, the weight shouldn't be over 120 kg.

Before the Hanuman flight, you will be given detailed instruction by professional instructors. All visitors of the park are absolutely safe, they are protected by double safety system on each platform. Only reliable comfortable French equipment is used, which is adapted to the size of each visitor.

Safety of the guests is the park's priority. Everyone is guaranteed to receive a powerful charge of adrenaline and only positive emotions.

Keith   (27.04.2020 17:37)
My child was just delighted with this excursion, said that he was a monkey))) I also liked it. The main thing is that everything is safe.

Anil Tiwari   (03.07.2019 18:39)
I to book ticket for hanuman world please send me detail with transport

Support_Online-Phuket   (03.07.2019 23:06)
Hi, dear Anil, let us know your case number. You can write it by email or in any messenger.

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