Flying on A Hot Air Balloon in Phuket - it's real!


Flying on A Hot Air Balloon in Phuket - it's real!

For several centuries, flying on a hot air balloon has been a popular attraction, which gives a romantic mood. The first flight on a hot air balloon took place in the 18th century, when the flight seemed to be something incredible and impossible. Nowadays there are many options to fly, but a hot air balloon still remains the most popular. Therefore, you can fly a hot air balloon during your vacation in Phuket. In our article we will tell where you can find hot air balloons in Phuket and how much this activity will cost.

Flight on a hot air balloon in Phuket

You can fly on a hot air balloon in Phuket Airpark. The amazing view of the island opens from the height. You will see wild green jungles, a lake with blooming lotuses and azure ocean. During the flight you will take a lot of wonderful photos and videos.

Before the flight, you can watch an exciting process of filling a hot air balloon. It's amazing how a simple piece of textile transforms into a huge balloon which is as high as a nine-stored building. During a flight 6 people and an instructor can fly in the basket. The flight lasts 15 minutes, after which you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a cocktail at the park bar and watch the flights of other lucky ones.

A hot air balloon is one of the most comfortable types of flights. There are no restrictions for those who are going to fly, you just need to climb into the basket. The safety of your flight is guaranteed by a professional instructor and special cables which attach the balloon to the ground.

All that is needed for a flight is still sunny weather and your good mood. The cost of the flight for one person is about 2,200 baht.

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Thailand

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Thailand is an international event has taken place for the last 10 years. The event is held every year in March in the beautiful town of Chiang Mai in the north of the Kingdom. In the first days of spring, the sky over the town is filled with a large number of different hot air balloons, creating a unique spectacle.

Have you ever seen how more than 30 huge balloons of different colors and shapes fly in the sky together? And this is not just the launch of balloons, it is an interesting performance from masters from different European and Asian countries with musical accompaniment of a professional orchestra. During the night performance The Sparkling Glow, hot air balloons are highlighted in the night sky synchronously with music.

The festival also includes many attractions, concerts, exhibitions and fairs. Coffee lovers can taste the unique Thai coffee at the coffee-carnival. Gourmets will be satisfied with the delicacies of the best chefs of the Kingdom and other countries. You can also learn about the history and life of the Thais at the exhibition of traditional rural crafts. Festival guests can enjoy painting at art workshops and even attend a fashion show. The entrance ticket to the event varies from 100-300 baht per person.

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Thailand is a great opportunity to have fun with the whole family. And those who wish to fly on a hot air balloon in Phuket can make their dream come true in Phuket Airpark. Have a good flight!

Heidi Jolande Cilliers   (21.04.2024 08:12)
We are a family of 4. We would like to experience a hot air balloon ride.Can you please tell me where and how much it cost and how long the ride is and where can we book. Thankyou so very much

Support_Online-Phuket   (23.04.2024 00:57)
Hello, we do not book now this service

Abigail Stone   (28.05.2023 21:06)

How much for 2 for a hot aire baloon on 21st December 2023?


Raj Nita Kumari Dev   (16.05.2023 00:15)
How much for hotair balloon?

Support_Online-Phuket   (16.05.2023 20:37)
Hello, we do not operate now this service

Joe   (18.11.2022 02:53)
Hello team,
We are a family of 19 people
16 adults and 3 kids and we are interested to have a hot air balloon trip between December 1st and 7th. Could you advise the availability please

Robert   (19.09.2021 09:17)

I'll be in Phuket next month.

I read the hot air balloon ride is for 15 minutes.. This isn't very long.

Do you have rides which last longer?

Please reply via email.

Thank you

Alfred   (26.04.2020 14:01)
I really want to fly a ball, it is probably very exciting. It’s a pity that I don’t know when I can come on vacation.

Katrina Seator   (17.02.2020 13:30)
Hi how much does it cost to fly in a hot air baloon

Support_Online-Phuket   (17.02.2020 23:28)
Hello, now we do not book this service, maybe you will be interested another extreme programs https://online-phuket.com/phuket-tours/extreme

Clare Curtis   (27.06.2019 18:22)
How much would a sunrise hot air balloon ride be for 2 people in February 2019? Australian currency as well

Support_Online-Phuket   (27.06.2019 21:11)
Hi, sorry, now we do not provide this service.

Nana   (26.01.2019 15:30)
What time do you start, and where are you located ?

Support_Online-Phuket   (27.01.2019 15:36)
Hello, now we do not provide this service.

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