Entertainments at Karon Beach


What to do at Karon Beach?

Beautiful Karon Beach, which is about 4 kilometers long, is one of the most popular beaches in Phuket. The beach is located on the western side of the island, between Patong and Kata beaches. Soft golden sand and clear water are not all the advantages of Karon. This coast is perfect for those who dream about a quiet and peaceful holiday. There is a large choice of housing with different prices and conditions, excellent service, a lot of entertainments at Karon Beach. In our article, we will tell you what to do at Karon Beach.

Water activities

The beach is popular with tourists, so the entertainment infrastructure is well developed here. Visitors can ride a banana, go jet skiing or try other activities. As the coast of Karon is not protected by bays and coves, there can be big waves in the rainy season, which attract surfers from different countries.

Snorkeling is also popular beach entertainment. It is better to explore the underwater world in the southern part of the beach, where the rocky cape separates Karon Beach from Kata Beach. The water here is warm and clear, here you can see a lot of beautiful colorful fish. Don't forget that you should not dive with a mask when the sea is not calm and there are big waves.

To do sports

Young and active vacationers will also find something to do at Karon. The beach often hosts various competitions with concert programs. Special stands and a staging area set up for such events so that viewers can comfortably seat. Karon is also considered the "volleyball" beach of Phuket, there are several volleyball courts. Playing with the ball in the company of friends under the gentle sun is a wonderful pastime.

To go fishing

Perhaps Karon is not the best place for fishing in Phuket, but sometimes you can meet people with fishing rods here. So you can also enjoy fishing on the beach. But if you want to catch big fish or something exotic, it is better to go on a fishing tour to visit the most popular fishing places of the island.

To go sightseeing

If you want to make your beach holiday more interesting, you can visit local sights. Wat Suwan Khiri Khet Temple complex is considered to be one of the most interesting places in Karon District. Here you can admire the colorful Thai architecture, numerous statues of Buddha and beautifully landscaped area. Many photos are guaranteed. The complex is located about 600 meters from the Karon ring road, you should move along Patak Road. On the way to the temple, you can see the beautiful statues and the fountain, which are located directly on the Karon ring road. Walking along Patak Road you will see many shops, cafes, pharmacies and ATMs.


Karon Beach is a quieter place than Patong Beach, but they're also some night entertainment. Those who like sitting in a bar with a cocktail, watching a match, chatting with friends or playing billiards will have a great time here. Basically, the nightlife of the beach is concentrated in the northern part near the Karon ring road. As the sun sets, small bars attract visitors with fun music, karaoke, TVs and friendly staff.

Karon Beach is a great place for a family holiday. Everyone will find a nice place to enjoy the hot sun and the gentle sea on the wide coast.

Stanley   (29.04.2020 13:56)
My husband and I had a good rest, we had good weather, we rented a yacht and visited the nearest islands.

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