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Elephants in Thailand. Elephant riding in Phuket.


Elephant is the symbol of Thailand

Elephant is the holy animal and the talisman of the Kingdom. Since ancient times elephants have been the best friends and helpers of the Thais. These large animals helped to travel through local jungles, transport goods and build different constructions. Later elephants were the main helpers during wars. So these clever and easily trained creatures play an important role in the life of Thai people.

Royal white elephants

Elephants play an important role in the religious life of the Thais. The legends say that Buddha’s mother saw a white elephant with a lotus flower in her dream, which meant the birth of an unusual baby. Since then, the white elephant has been recognized as the holly animal and religious symbol. White elephants or albino elephants really live in Thailand, but they are very rare phenomenon.

Although the animals are called white elephants, in reality their skin is reddish-brown which becomes gently pink during bathing. If a baby elephant is born with light skin and pink eyes, it becomes the property of the King. The Thais believe that white elephants symbolize the long and prosperous reign of the monarch. The life of white elephants differs fundamentally from usual ones. Religious symbols live at the Royal Court and never work. The white elephant lives about 80 years and it is very expensive to keep such an animal. A few centuries ago a servant could receive a white elephant for his care as a punishment.

The Elephant Day in Thailand

Of course the Thais like to honor their holly animals and celebrate the Elephant Day. This holiday has been celebrated on the 13th March since 1998. The celebration takes place on a special site near Bangkok, where all elephants are gathered from the smallest to the oldest.

The Thais bathe animals and decorate them with colorful fabrics and paintings. The elephants take part in festive processions and theatrical plays. The culmination of the holiday is a chic banquet for elephants. The organizers and guests of the holiday treat animals with various delicacies and express their respect to them. People bring vegetables, fruits and huge ice cubes with pineapples, watermelons and other fruits.

Elephant riding in Phuket

You can buy various figures and souvenirs in the form of an elephant as well as contact with real ones. in Thailand. Elephant riding is one of the main attractions of Thailand. There are many beautiful places where you can try elephant riding in Phuket, for example, the Chang Kalim elephant village. A walk through the Chang Kalim Farm gives you an opportunity to admire the scenic coast of the Andaman Sea. There are different versions of the programs, which combine elephant riding, a monkey show and even a walk through the jungle. Our website offers a large selection of programs of Elephant Care which include bathing and playing with elephants.

You can see elephants during Tour to Khao Lak from Phuket. The program includes elephant riding through the jungle and visiting the elephant show. You can also book sightseeing tours. This is a good opportunity to learn the spiritual and natural attractions of Thailand and ride on the back of this huge beautiful animal. The full list of excursions and their programs are available at our website.

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