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Dangerous animals in Phuket


Dangerous animals in Phuket

The animal world of Phuket is exotic and amazing. However, not all beautiful animals are safe, if you come across an unknown animal, you should be careful. In our article we will tell what dangerous animals can do harm to people and what to do if you see one of them.

Dangerous insects

Thailand’s tropical climate creates ideal habitats for various insect species. So it is almost impossible not to see some beetle during your vacation on the island. Remember that some of them can be very dangerous. For example, ordinary mosquitoes can be a carrier of such diseases as malaria, encephalitis and dengue fever.

Centipede is another insect which is found almost everywhere. They can be of different sizes and colors, most of them are harmless, but some species can be poisonous. Poisonous species have a sting, which can cause a painful wound. Be careful while walking in the parks.

Another local inhabitant who has become the hero of many horror films is the scorpion. Despite its beautiful appearance, scorpions are much safer than other insects. A scorpion bite reminds a bee sting. If there is no allergic reaction, you shouldn’t be afraid of serious consequences. Moreover, scorpions are night animals, so it is hard to see them in the daytime.

There are also a lot of snakes in Thailand. If you are suddenly bitten by a snake, immediately seek medical help. Every local hospital has the necessary antidotes. Try not to panic, because not all snakes are poisonous and perhaps nothing terrible has happened. But only experts can indicate if a snake is poisonous or not poisonous.

Dangerous marine inhabitants

On land animals are rarely found in popular tourist places, but at sea you may be in danger even on public beaches.

Jellyfish is one of the dangerous marine inhabitants. Each kind of jellyfish can sting in different ways, some species can cause serious injury. In case you were stung by a jellyfish, keep calm and immediately seek help from rescuers or medical equipment.

Beautiful and dangerous dragon fish live near coral reefs and can injure snorkelers with their needles. A sea perch is found in shallow waters and can be also dangerous.

Do not forget that the sea and its inhabitants is another world where we are just guests. When you come across an unknown species you should be careful and avoid contact.

Following these simple rules, you can protect yourselves and nothing will spoil your vacation. Despite the fact that some animals in Phuket can be dangerous, there are many cute friendly species and communication with them is a real pleasure.

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