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Is it possible to combine work and leisure in Phuket?


Is it possible to combine work and leisure in Phuket?

Many tourists want to live in Thailand due to low prices for products, sunny warm climate and comfortable conditions for life. However, planning to move to the Kingdom, you should think about finding a job. The choice of a city for life often falls on the most popular resorts of the country as there are more opportunities to find work. For example you can choose Bangkok as there are many vacancies in the capital. Some people wish to live and work in Phuket. What can be better than to live on the paradise island? In our article we will tell you whether there is work for foreigners in Phuket and how to find it.

The Thai Labor Law

Everyone who is going to find a job in Phuket should learn about local laws. There are a lot of restrictions for the official employment of foreigners in the Thai Labor Law. The government of the country cares about employment of their people, so the law prohibits the usage of non-residents labor in many areas of activity. Some restrictions are connected with the fact that foreigners can have the negative impact on national culture and art. Foreign citizens are prohibited from working in agriculture, construction, in most kinds of production and in various services. Guests of Thailand also cannot work as accountants, lawyers, drivers, photographers, guides, vendors and secretaries. The list of restrictions is quite extensive and it is better to learn about them directly in the law.

It follows that foreigners can legally work as teachers of English, translators, designers, programmers and engineers. A good knowledge of English is required for each of these professions and knowledge of the Thai language will be a huge advantage.

Such rigid frameworks of the law push most of the newcomers to work illegally in such areas as tourism and entertainments. During the tourist season, you can easily find of a cook, waiter, bartender, photographer, tour guide or animator. If you work illegally, there is the risk to bear responsibility for breaking the law. You will have to pay a large fine or go to prison.

Execution of documents

If you decided to work legally, you have to draw up a certain package of documents.

Firstly, before you go to Thailand, you need to issue a work visa (category Non-B). To do this, the future employer must send you a certain package of documents. It means that you should find a job in Phuket and to agree with the employer in advance. You can use special hiring sites and social networks to post your resume or to respond to a vacancy. There are also special agencies which can help you to find a job and to collect all the necessary documents. You ask the agent for the desired job, and he is looking for an employer in Phuket.

After arriving in Thailand, your employer or you will have to obtain a work permit. After the permission is issued you can start working. You should always carry work permit with you and work only on the vacancy which is indicated in it.


The most convenient and popular work in Phuket for foreigners is freelance. Freelancers can work easily from anywhere in the world, the main thing is to have a computer and access to the Internet. The most popular Internet professions are programmers, administrators, designers and content managers. Professionals in these spheres earn well enough and can afford to travel around the world.

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